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Reason why people are putting toilet paper in the fridge as 'hack' trend goes viral

Reason why people are putting toilet paper in the fridge as 'hack' trend goes viral

Videos have gone viral of people popping their toilet roll in the fridge.

TikTokers have been popping their loo roll in their fridges and it turns out there's actually a reason why.

As if there weren't enough strange viral 'hacks' on TikTok already, here's another one to add to your list.

People have been taking to the social media platform to share videos of them unpacking their loo rolls and putting them into storage - and by storage, we mean the fridge.

It's certainly a sight to see if you next swing open the fridge at your friend's house for a quick snack - milk, cheese, fizzy drinks and oh, toilet roll.

And while popping the paper in the fridge used to be known as a strange remedy for an extra spicy Friday night curry, TikTokers now have another use for it.

The so-called hack is particularly handy if you place the toilet roll between your sweaty cheese and meat.

Toilet roll has more than just one purpose apparently.
Pexels/ Anna Shvets

Have you guessed the method behind the apparent madness yet?

Well, TikTokers have taken to stuffing loo roll in their fridge because it's said to help with subduing nasty smells - think the extra mouldy cheese you've had stuffed at the back for ages, or the slightly pongy carton of milk.

And it's all because of toilet roll's absorbent properties, able to suck up any excess moisture lingering in the fridge, which helps prevents smells from developing even further.

However, is toilet roll really the only option?

Toilet roll isn't the only option.

According to Parade, you don't actually need to kill any extra trees in order to keep the stench away from your fridge.

Instead of loo roll, baking soda is a great option and is actually more effective.

Not only does it absorb any excess moisture in the fridge which helps prevent any smells from worsening, but it also neutralizes acid which also contributes to a whiffy fridge.

Baking soda is a more cost efficient method too, with the price of a tin of baking soda typically costing just over the price of a single roll of toilet paper.

Baking soda also lasts three months at a time, whereas toilet paper will need to be replaced every three weeks or so.

The outlet advises if you don't have any baking soda in the cupboards, you can also use black cumin seed oil, activated charcoal or vanilla extract too if you really want to jazz it up and make your fridge smell rather nice as well.

But if desperate times call for desperate measures and you need a quick fix, then toilet roll or even newspaper certainly does the trick.

You're welcome.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@drewfrom63rd1

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