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Mom ‘snapped’ after cashier called her out for letting kid eat food in supermarket before paying

Mom ‘snapped’ after cashier called her out for letting kid eat food in supermarket before paying

The mom says she's 'never been spoken to so badly and been so judged as a mom'.

A mom has hit out at a supermarket after a cashier 'judged' her for letting her child eat a product before they paid.

In what's turning in to the new 'Should you give up your seat on the plane?' debate, a mom has sparked conflicting conversation around whether or not it's acceptable to eat a product in the supermarket before you've got to the checkout and paid for it. Prepare to feel the wrath of an enraged mom:

TikToker Samantha Mary - who goes by @samanthamary1989 - took to the platform on 29 December, 2023 to speak out about her 'awful experience with Tesco'.

The mom, from the UK, says: "I feel a mix of both really cross and really upset at the way I've been spoken to by one of the customer service representatives on the til that just served us.

"I've never felt, in one moment, so judged by somebody."

But what on earth happened to make the mom feel this way?

The mom says she felt 'judged' by the shop assistant.
TikTok/ @samanthamary1989

The mom explains she went to Tesco with her son Jack, who's not been very well lately and not eaten for 'basically a week'.

Samantha had brought snacks with her to keep him occupied while she did the food shop, however her son 'wasn't interested' in any of them.

Instead, he 'took a shine' to one of the baby pouches she popped in the trolley and because he hadn't eaten in so long, the mom let him have it right away. Jack also spotted - and got stuck into - a yogurt too.

When Samantha got to the checkout, she put the pouch and yogurt at the front of the pile and told the lady serving them that her son had eaten them, but they were there to scan.

"I didn't just want to leave them amongst the shopping, I wanted to point it out," she notes.

Alas, Samantha was met with 'the most disgusted look' before scanning them and putting them in the bin.

The mom says she was shopping in Tesco when she let her toddler eat a yogurt before paying.
Getty Images/ Hesther Ng/SOPA Images/LightRocket

Samantha told the checkout person she hadn't meant for them to go in the bin as they weren't finished, the mom saying she was then 'tutted' and 'huffed' at while the salesperson retrieved them.

Samantha claims she apologised and tried to explain the situation but the checkout lady told her she didn't agree with what the mom had done.

The mom admits she 'snapped' - noting she 'very rarely' does - but the woman 'pushed her mom button' and she ultimately ended up in tears.

The caption reads: "I've never been spoken to so badly and been so judged as a mom."

However, people have been left divided in the comments.

The mom has sparked a heated debate.
TikTok/ @samanthamary1989

The post has amassed over one million views with thousands flooding to the comments to weigh in on the mom's rant.

One user said: "It’s 100 percent her job to let you know you’re NOT allowed to eat or drink anything before you’ve paid for it. I use to work at Tesco and you are the worst."

However, another argued: "I work at a Tesco on checkouts &mums let their children snack on their shopping,I don’t mind them doing it, whatever help them get round the shop calmly for them. If they give me soggy half eaten bits."

And a third reasoned: "I work in Tesco and tbh yeah the colleagues reaction was a little harsh, but it’s such a stressful time in retail - she might’ve just had a bad customer before you or something."

UNILAD has contacted Tesco for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@samanthamary1989

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