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Elderly woman divides opinion as she rages over her ‘hatred’ for self-checkout machines
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jvass424

Elderly woman divides opinion as she rages over her ‘hatred’ for self-checkout machines

Self-checkouts aren't for everyone

A video of an elderly woman struggling to work a self-checkout machine has seriously divided the crowd.

In a now-viral TikTok posted by @jvass424, we witness a very frustrated older woman who is seen yelling at a self-checkout machine for seemingly not doing its job, which I personally think is often the case.

Filmed inside a convenience store, the woman shouts: "I hate self-checkout!" in front of a queue of people.

"I scanned one item already, there it is — right there," she continued.

"Now, it says I’ve scanned two. I don’t know about two!"

Captioning the post, the TikToker joked: "At least she'll get a mile long receipt for her troubles!"

Now, for some, this was no laughing matter as many down below in the

comments could really feel the woman's pain.

"Corporations slowly getting us to do all the work is crazy. Next year we’ll be unloading the pallets. If we pay a subscription," one person moaned.

I feel her pain.

"What kills me is when I’m doing self checkout and an employee is standing behind me watching my every move," a second added. "Like why didn’t you just check me out yourself."

"This was me the other week and I got so frustrated and then the receipt took forever, so I just pulled it and walked away not realizing the entire receipt spool was following me," a third person wrote.

A fourth also thought: "I get annoyed with the clerk who steps in to monitor you.

"I had one do everything for me and I’m like what am I here for then?"

The video has divided the crowd.

Meanwhile, others didn't seem to have an issue with self-checkout, as another person commented: "I love self checkouts! Don’t have to talk to anyone. One less person touching my stuff. And I can bag in my own OCD way."

"She is not speaking on my behalf. I love self check out," a second agreed.

A third also wrote: "Amazing I can checkout faster than the guy working the counter who does it all day professionally."

"Nope I will play grocery jenga in self checkout with a cart full before I go back to the check out lines," someone else thought.

"Guaranteed it’s user error, I love self-checkout," penned a fifth.

I get it, self-checkouts are amazing when they work, but when they don't, there's nothing more infuriating.

Sorry, I'm on her side on this one.

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