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Mom left frustrated after claiming people can't pronounce her baby's name correctly
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hannahsandsmusic

Mom left frustrated after claiming people can't pronounce her baby's name correctly

The TikToker was even forced to change the spelling of her son's name

It seems to have become a trend on social media to mimic the some of the most iconic words that Australian's pronounce.

Immediately, the word 'no' - which Aussie's seemingly pronounce 'naaauuur'- springs to mind.

However, one TikTok-using woman - who herself hails from Down Under - has hit out at citizens of her own home country for their alleged inability to pronounce her son's name.

In fact, the mother in question - who is called Hannah and goes by the username @hannahsandsmusic - on the video sharing app, embarked on a brutal rant about it, leaving viewers both shocked and amused.

"Some people don't tell you when you become a parent is how f***ing weird it is when you name your baby," she says in the video.

"Not like it's not enough of a f**k around picking a name for your baby, but picking a name that no one can pronounce, it's been a time. F**k me!

The mum hit out at other Aussies for their mispronunciations.

"Australians are so annoying with names that are like the tiniest bit foreign.

"Obviously, I haven't had a problem with that - I'm a white woman in Australia called Hannah, like it's not an issue I have."

Hannah goes on to explain, however, that her Brazilian partner Paulo often has the pronunciation of his name butchered by Aussies.

"Everyone here calls him 'Paul-o'," she says. "And it drives him crazy!"

The mother goes on to explain that, when she and her husband were naming their newborn son - who had to spend several days after birth in intensive care after being born prematurely - the couple suffered a similar predicament.

Warning - Video below contains strong language:

"We had to write a little name tag for him for the side of his crib," she discloses. "We had a few names, and because my partner is Brazilian, we wanted a name that made sense in Portuguese.

"So, when we met him, he was such a little warrior, and we just felt like the name Raoul was the best fit."

Hannah explains that, after writing the youngster's name in Portuguese as Raul, a nurse said to her: "Oh, R, A, U, L, like Paul with an R? Raul?"

Hannah continues: "So, we sat on it for like a day and we ended up changing the spelling, and R, A, O, U, L, is the French spelling because we were like, surely it's more phonetic."

The mother ended up changing the spelling of her son's name.

"When I tell you no one can pronounce our son's name in Australia, like, what is wrong with people?" she asks.

"My own mother comes to see us in the hospital and asks his name and she goes 'Raol'.

"There are moments when I'm just like, wow, it would be easier if we chose one of the other names."

Many TikTok users flooded to the comment section to share their similar experiences.

One wrote: "My partner's name is Romeo and he gets Romero so often like HUH??? YOU NEVER HEARD OF SHAKESPEARE?"

Another added: "I have a daughter named Persephone and a doctor called out 'purse phone'."

While a third penned: "My daughter's name is Mila (Me-lah) but everyone says Miller."

And a final user commented: "Raoul is such a beautiful name, please don't change it."

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