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Man goes viral after being slammed for 'disgusting' act by fellow luxury cinema goers
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/timothyentwistle

Man goes viral after being slammed for 'disgusting' act by fellow luxury cinema goers

Quentin Tarantino probably wouldn't mind, but other cinema goers have a lot to say about it.

People are flooding to social media in debate over a video documenting several cinema goers.

It would seem the heated discussion around plane etiquette has now spilled over to the cinema. But how can a man simply nestling down in a theater to watch a film cause so much offence I hear you ask?

A TikToker named Timothy - who goes by @timothyentwistle - took to the platform earlier this month to share a video from a cinema room at Event Cinemas in Toowoomba, Queensland, just before the screening was about to start.

A note on the video reads: "POV: You have a premium luxury cinema experience in Australia."

And the caption reads: "Should you at least wait until the lights go down?"

But what could be so horrifying to see that it should only be taken out in public when under the cover of darkness?

Naked toes, of course.

And not just one pair of shoe and sock-less feet, but a couple all in the same row, thankfully resting on the cinema's special foot rests opposed to the heads of the seats in front.

Now, this may not seem so bad, particularly if you were Quentin Tarantino, however, some people would rather not see naked feet so obviously out in the open while munching on their popcorn.

The TikToker was met with a sea of naked feet.
TikTok/ @timothyentwistle

The TikToker asks his followers: "Gamers tell me if you go shoes on or shoes off in the cinema."

And it's not taken long for people to flock to the post to weigh in on the footage.

One user said: "Why isn't anyone wearing socks."

"A second commented: "Disgusting."

"Shoes off but after the lights are off lol," another added.

A fourth commented: "Shoes off but... Ffs people! SOCKS."

Feet aren't really what most people want to see while munching their popcorn.
Pexels/ Tima Miroshnichenko

"Shoes off but with socks and a blankie," a fifth wrote.

Timothy responded: "Strategic."

And a final resolved: "Shoes off but only if I'm wearing slip on shoes. Sneakers/ boots stay on."

But what do cinemas typically say when it comes to whether it's right to whip your shoes off when you settle down to enjoy a movie?

The video has caused a divided response.
TikTok/ @timothyentwistle

While Event Cinemas doesn't seem to have any regulations around clothing listed in its terms and conditions on its site, an Australian and New Zealand cinema company called HOYTS has rules and regulations which refer to the issue.

In its rules on cinema attendance, under 'Dress Appropriately,' HOYTS' website states: "Neat, casual dress, including footwear, is the minimum standard required at all times."

In order to 'respect other guests in the cinema,' it adds: "Please refrain from talking, disturbing others or putting your feet on seats or railings. Also, switch off your mobile phone or keep it on silent while in the cinema."

So, what do you think?

UNILAD has contacted Events Cinema for comment.

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