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TV show apologises after comedian guest makes joke about Jesus that left viewers fuming
Featured Image Credit: Channel Ten

TV show apologises after comedian guest makes joke about Jesus that left viewers fuming

The Project caved to outraged Christians after Reuben Kaye joked about the Son of God getting nailed.

The Project has apologised to Australians after Christians were offended by a joke made by a comedian guest panelist on Tuesday night's show.

Host Waleed Aly kicked off the show's apology by explaining they weren't aware of the joke or its content before they started filming.

"During a live interview last night, our guest told a joke which we know was deeply and needlessly offensive to many of you," Aly said.

"We want to acknowledge the particular offence and hurt that it caused our Muslim and especially our Christian viewers. Obviously, I understand how profound that offence was."

Co-host Sarah Harris chimed in with: "Live TV is unpredictable.

"And when this happened in the last few moments of the show, it took us all by surprise, there wasn’t a lot of time to react in a considered way."

Aly added: "We weren’t expecting a comment like that to be made and we acknowledge the offence it caused. We are sorry."

The joke Aly is referring to came from firecracker LGBTIQ+ comic Reuben Kaye, who appeared on the prime time show to hype up Sydney's Mardi Gras and World Pride.

He was ready with a few close-to-the-bone jokes, including one that sent Christians into fits of pearl-clutching rage.

Warning: if you're a fan of the Big Man Upstairs and his son then maybe don't read on.

Or you can see it right here just below.

Appearing in his performance ready usual drag makeup, Kaye rounded on the Son of God and was ready to crucify him all over again.

"I love Jesus," Kaye said to The Project panel on Tuesday. "I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more."

Kaye burst out laughing following the joke while panelists laughed awkwardly.

Aussies raced to social media to slam the LGBTIQ+ comic for his brutal take.

One person on Facebook said: "This is disgusting. To ridicule and mock Christ like this is totally unacceptable.

"For a community that claims to be so inclusive and accepting, it’s ironic that anything to do with Christ is so repulsive. May God forgive you."

Kaye's joke came just after he had finished explaining how he still cops abuse from religious zealots.

But the comedian doesn't care about the backlash, because he's taken to social media to share the multiple stories about happy clappers losing their hive minds about the Lord, with a simple comment alongside it: "Some heroes don’t wear capes. They wear lashes."

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