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Tesla app crashes across Europe leaving drivers fearing the worst

Tesla app crashes across Europe leaving drivers fearing the worst

Tesla drivers across Europe shared their concerns on Twitter after app crashed.

Tesla drivers across Europe have taken to social media to complain about the mobile app crashing.

On Tuesday, motorists said the app showed the ‘503 Server Maintenance’ error message when they tried to use it.

Some Tesla drivers said they were left unable to connect their vehicle to their Powerwall home battery charging system, while others have been unable to access public chargers.

Issues reportedly began affecting American Tesla drivers first before spreading to Europe, Teslascope tweeted.

“As of twenty minutes ago, Tesla’s infrastructure is experiencing unexpected downtime,” they tweeted.

“This is impacting the official Tesla mobile app and all third-party services, such as Teslascope.”


On Tuesday (14 February), Valentine’s Day plans were seemingly put on hold as drivers began reporting fears they might be unable to open their cars without a keycard after the app went down, in addition to charging issues.

In an ironic twist, customers of the Elon Musk cars ran to his social media platform Twitter to complain.

One concerned Tesla customer tweeted: “@Tesla @elonmusk App access is down, server 503 maintenance error?”


Another Tesla driver shared: “Tesla app is still down. The app started showing “503 Server Maintenance” right after installing the 2023.3.11 update.”

On Tuesday afternoon, another social media user complained: “@Tesla app been down 6hrs now. UK. Some communication would be nice.”

And another concerned driver said: “Tesla Europe servers for app connection down. Shows error 503 server maintenance. Any idea what happened? @tesla_adri @alex_avoigt @tesla_europe."

Tesla drivers complained on Twitter.
Clarence Holmes Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

However, it is believed that Tesla drivers in China are unaffected by the app crashing as their system is based elsewhere.

UNILAD has contacted Tesla for comment.

Earlier this week, the Twitter boss and Tesla founder responded to the long-awaited Super Bowl advert about his car brand.

According to the car manufacturer, a self-driving feature planned for the future, which is also dubbed an 'advanced driver system', will actually 'enhance safety' as well as convenience.


The advert, just 30-seconds long, shows a Tesla pull up on a suburban street, with the words 'full self-driving' appearing over the screen.

As the Tesla is drives along the road, a mannequin child is being slowly pulled by a string into the road. Within a few seconds, the vehicle crashes straight into the model child.

The advert was helmed by California billionaire Dan O'Dowd, who has been openly critical of the self-driving Tesla project.

The Tesla Owner Silicon Valley account shared the advert in a tweet, writing: "Thank you @RealDanODowd for spending $7M for this $tsla advertisement. It’s very clear that you testing was fake but grateful for spreading the word that Teslas are the leader for general autonomy."

And Musk simply replied to the tweet with a laughing emoji.

Featured Image Credit: Alexandr Chernyshov / Sundry Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

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