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Teenager who disappeared playing hide and seek found days later in different country
Featured Image Credit: lakshmiprasad S / Matthew Horwood / Alamy

Teenager who disappeared playing hide and seek found days later in different country

This game of hide-and-seek went terribly wrong

A teenage boy who went missing during a game of hide-and-seek was found six days later... in a completely different country.

Fahim, 15, was playing hide-and-seek with some pals in Cittagong, Bangladesh on 11 January when he found the perfect hiding spot inside a shipping container.

While waiting to be found, the teen fell asleep. But when he woke up, he was on a commercial ship to Malaysia.

It wasn't until six days later, on 17 January, that he was discovered.

The boy was released from the container six days later.

For just under a week, Fahim was stuck inside the shipping container with no food or water and was shouting for help.

It wasn't until a staff member heard knocking noises coming from inside one of the containers that Fahim was finally freed.

If Fahim was surprised to find himself locked inside, you can only imagine what staff members at Malaysia's Port Klang thought when they discovered him.

A video posted to Reddit of the moment that Fahim being freed from the container saw the teenager looking a little disoriented and confused before he was carried off in a stretcher.

As soon as Fahim was found, an investigation among the Malaysian Police Force, the Malaysian Immigration Department, and the Klang District Health Department immediately got underway.

Originally, there were concerns that Fahim had ended up in the container as a victim of human trafficking, but an investigation found no evidence of a crime.

The boy was carried off in a stretcher.

Commenting on the discovery, Malaysian Home Minister Datuuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail told local reporters: "When the vessel arrived at Westport and the container was unloaded, authorities found the boy inside.

"He is the only one found inside the container.

"A police report has been lodged and the boy, who has a fever, was taken for a medical examination.

“We are now in the process of repatriating him.

“He was the only boy found inside the container. We are not linking this to human trafficking because the initial investigation found that he entered the container, fell asleep and (was transported to) Malaysia.”

Fahim was since taken to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah for treatment and is reportedly in a stable condition.

The youngster is now on his way back to Bangladesh, where his friends and family will be eagerly waiting.

Well, he definitely won the game of hide-and-seek.

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