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Man's ambitious attempt to attack cop in police station goes dramatically wrong

Man's ambitious attempt to attack cop in police station goes dramatically wrong

The incident left him handcuffed to the ground

A viral video has shown a man being questioned by police before allegedly attempting to stab an officer with a pen.

The CCTV footage, which has over one million views on YouTube, shows the suspect trying to pull off the ambitious move but failing.

Suspect Reid Duran agreed to be questioned in Xenia, Ohio after police encountered him at a school.

Officials say Duran admitted to posing as a parent at the school's open house event in an attempt to kidnap a five-year-old girl.

Watch below:

According to court documents, the suspect was not handcuffed because he was there 'voluntarily, and 'was not in custody'.

Authorities say since the attack, Duran has been charged with attempting kidnapping, felonious assault and escape.

In the footage released by the Xenia Police Department, you can see the man sitting quietly looking at the pen on the table in front of him.

Duran methodically goes to pick up the pen, turns around and allegedly tries to stab the officer in the same room in a seeming attempt to escape.

The police officer is one step ahead of the man, though.

As the suspect lunges in, the police officer pushes him to the ground and immediately calls for backup.

He then wrestles Duran to a still and demands he puts his hands behind his back.

At this point, you can hear the man immediately regret his decision as he struggles to fend off the officer and moans in pain.

The alert officer proceeds to place the suspect in handcuffs before two of his colleagues enter the room.

Duran is then placed back on his seat by the officer like nothing had happened.

The man was pushed to the ground by the officer.
Xenia Police Department

As expected, the world of social media has been reacting to the clip.

One tweet read: "Why did he think this was going to work?!?! Please lock his ass up LMAOOOOO."

A second comment added: "He really was sitting there like here goes nothin."

Meanwhile, a third user was impressed with the quick reaction from the cop: "That cop had some good reflexes, not only did he stop the attack but he blocked his arm immediately, impressive."

However, according to Duran's mum, his behaviour in the clip 'isn't like him'.

"I think he began to feel scared and he's cornered. I just know he's not in his right mind. He needs psychiatric help," she told NBC.

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Featured Image Credit: Xenia Police Department

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