Love Star Wars? You’re Probably A Narcissist Then, Reveals Study

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A study has found that people who enjoy Star Wars are more likely to be narcissists and show signs of neurotic behaviour.

Experts say that people who enjoy geekier pursuits are more likely to have an ‘elevated grandiose’ level of narcissism.


That’s according to a study conducted by the University of Georgia at least.

Psychologists worked this out by creating a ‘Geek Culture Engagement Scale’ and a ‘Geek Identity Scale’ to help quantify the figures.

They managed to do this by examining the personality traits of those who turn to ‘geek culture’.  The study found that those who scored highly on both scales were more likely to be narcissists.


Subjects were scored on a scale of one to five.

The score depended on how often participants were involved in activities like live action role playing games, Dungeons and Dragons, cosplaying, robotics and if they enjoyed things like video games and Star Wars.

Jessica McCain, the scientist who led the research, wrote in the Public Library of Science One journal:

Geek culture is a subculture of enthusiasts that is traditionally associated with obscure media like Japanese animation, science fictions and video games… However, geek culture is becoming increasingly mainstream.

In the past year alone, New York Comic-Con, one of the premier geek conventions in the United States, attracted over 130,000 attendees.

Our findings suggest that geek media is especially attractive to narcissists, independent of demographic variables.


The experts behind the study said the findings were conclusive in establishing a link between those who scored highly on the Geek Scale and those who showed higher levels of neuroticism and non-clinical depression.

As impressive as the study is, we probably could have told you the same thing after five minutes on any Star Wars internet forum.

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    Star Wars fans and video game geeks 'more likely to be narcissists', study finds

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