Student Calls Out Teacher For Falsely Claiming Antifa Stormed US Capitol


Student Calls Out Teacher For Falsely Claiming Antifa Stormed US Capitol@knowyourracists/Instagram

A student has called out a teacher for falsely claiming that Antifa activists were the ones who stormed the US Capitol on January 6.

The unnamed teacher in question reportedly brought up these unsupported claims during a language arts class, just as the class were about to begin their work.


In a video taken by the pupil, the teacher can be heard to falsely state that three of the rioters who stormed the Capitol building have already ‘been identified as Antifa members’.

Footage of the incident was shared via the Twitter account @knowyourracists, and via Reddit:


When the student asked, ‘What about Proud Boys?’, the teacher ignored him and continued:

We’ve had trouble with this all summer long, where peaceful demonstrations were fine until a bunch of Antifa members showed up and started riots.

This is just another example. They were paid to be there, they were paid to do violence, so that the Trump supporters would look bad.

At this point, the student broke in again, asking:

Didn’t Proud Boys and Trump supporters break into the Capitol?


The teacher then went on to deny this, claiming that there were videos showing ‘Trump supporters trying to stop the people breaking in’.

When the pupil noted that those who stormed the building ‘were all wearing MAGA hats’, the teacher argued ‘anybody can put on a MAGA hat’, before claiming once again that Antifa members had been ‘paid to be there and cause a riot’.

Trump supportersPA Images

The teacher appeared to get more agitated, telling her class, ‘You guys need to look up the history,’ as another student chimed in to question her.


She claimed to be telling her class the ‘facts’ of the incident, but as was noted by the pupil taking the video, she was simply expressing her opinion, which had no basis in fact whatsoever.

Antifa is a left-wing anti-fascist and anti-racist movement based in the US. Many Trump supporters have been spreading false rumours online that Antifa was behind the riot, not Trump supporters. However, this is simply not the case, and many right-wing extremists have aready been identified as having participated in the riot.

As reported by Reuters, the FBI has stated that there is ‘no indication at this time’ that Antifa played any role in the mob that stormed the Capitol.

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  1. Reuters

    Fact check: Men who stormed Capitol identified by Reuters are not undercover Antifa as posts claim

Julia Banim
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