Streamer Who Uses N-Word In Front Of Black Security Guard Gets Hit In The Head

Emily Brown


Streamer Who Uses N-Word In Front Of Black Security Guard Gets Hit In The HeadIP2Always/Twitter

A streamer who appeared to document himself using the N-word while speaking to a Black security guard ended up being hit in the head for his use of the racial slur. 

The man behind the camera, who streams on the platform IP2 Always Win and has been identified by other users by the name Louz, filmed himself approaching the female security guard as she stood outside an establishment.

He appeared initially polite as he engaged in conversation with the woman, saying, ‘Excuse me, ma’m’, before going on to ask, ‘Do you know where the [n-words] park?’

See the video here:

When the guard asked him to repeat himself, the streamer repeated the question without the slur, however the woman refused to let him get away with his use of the term as she asked him again to repeat himself, saying, ‘What the f*ck you just said the first time?’

The streamer ignored her question and continued to ask where people park before moving away and filming himself walking down the street. Addressing his viewers, Louz sounded as if he was laughing as he said the woman ‘heard [him] the first time’ before repeating the n-word again.

It appears the woman continued to pursue the question of what the streamer had said to her, as before he made it too far away he turned around and shouted, ‘We said ‘people’,’ to someone at the end of the street.

Security guard approaching streamer (IP2Always/Twitter)IP2Always/Twitter

He then made his way back to where the woman was standing, saying she was ‘going to hit [him]’ as he approached her once again. The woman then approached the camera and appeared to raise her hand, before a slapping sound could be heard and the streamer cried out in pain.

Addressing another person on the scene, Louz said, ‘She hit me in the head! She hit me in the head, bro.’

He went on to say he was going to ‘call the police’ on the woman, while another man told the streamer he was bleeding. Louz then turned the camera to himself to show blood running down his face before the video came to an end.

Streamer bleeding from head (IP2Always/Twitter)IP2Always/Twitter

According to the Daily Dot, Louz’s profile has the name ‘FBI Informant’, and the user is known to engage in right-wing conversations on the platform.

After the video was shared on Twitter, one social media user noted that ‘sometimes freedom of speech comes with repercussions’, adding that for people like Louz it ‘might be a painful lesson to learn’.

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website

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Emily Brown
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