Steve-O Shares Video Of Him Shutting Down Hollywood In SeaWorld Protest

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Steve-O climbs crane@steveo/Twitter

Steve-O is a man who has always been known for his outlandish and outspoken personality, having shot to fame in Jackass.

Despite being known for bungeeing in a Portaloo, snorting wasabi, and shooting fireworks out of his butt, Steve-O – full name Stephen Gilchrist Glover – has also been known to use his status for good.


In particular, when he climbed a 100ft crane to protest SeaWorld and ended up shutting Hollywood down and getting arrested for his stunt.

Take a look at the video of the incident below:


The TV personality, 44, pulled the controversial stunt in 2015 – so you’re probably wondering why the hell I’m writing about it four years later.


Well, that’s where the beauty of social media comes into it because Steve-O recently shared the video of him on top of the crane, resulting in the video going very, very viral again.

Addressing his 1.27 million followers, the 44-year-old wrote alongside the video:

That time I got arrested for unintentionally shutting down Hollywood while protesting SeaWorld…


In the video, which he first broadcast on Snapchat, Steve films himself while on top of the crane, taunting police cars and helicopters as they try to apprehend him.

He climbed the crane while carrying an inflatable killer whale called Shammy, in protest of SeaWorld which has come under heavy criticism in recent years with regards to allegations about its treatment of their whales and other marine mammals.

As Steve-O blows up his inflatable, he can be heard shouting: ‘there’s no stopping me now’ as the whale grows larger. He then notes that ‘tons of cops’ are on the ground, while pointing out a helicopter that is also following his movements.

Steve-O climbs crane@steveo/Twitter

The camera then pans back to Shammy, which has ‘#SeaWorldSucks’ emblazoned across it in capital letters. Steve-O couldn’t seem less concerned about the huge police presence, saying: ‘they’re fucking shutting down the city man’ while laughing.

The stunt resulted in Steve-O getting sent to jail for 30 days with three years probation after pleading no contest to charges of misdemeanor trespassing and illegal use of fireworks.

On top of that, he had to pay restitution fees of nearly $14,000 (£9,125) to the city’s police and fire response teams. He was also told to stay away from the neighbourhood where the incident took place.

Steve-O climbs crane@steveo/Twitter

Ultimately though, the former Jackass was just happy he could ‘bring so much attention to the plight of orcas in captivity’.

Let’s just hope he hasn’t got anything else up his sleeve.

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