Stephen King Voices Gun Laws Opinion Following Tragic School Shooting


Stephen King Voices Gun Laws Opinion Following Tragic School ShootingAlamy

The Shining author Stephen King has shared his thoughts on gun control after a school shooting in Michigan left four people dead. 

King took to Twitter to voice his opinion after a 15-year-old student allegedly opened fire at his high school in Oxford Township on Tuesday, November 30.


Four students aged between 14 and 17 were killed as a result of the attack, while numerous others were injured.

The attack marked the 28th school shooting to result in injury or death in the US this year, according to USA Today, prompting King to begin his tweet with the words, ‘Another school shooting.’

He continued, ‘3 killed, more injured, hundreds terrorized. Until there are gun laws with teeth in this country—such as those in Great Britain—our children will continue to be sacrificed on the altar of the 2nd Amendment.’


The Second Amendment relates to the right to bear arms, though King made clear he disagrees with the right and instead recommended laws such as those in Great Britain, which has some of the strictest firearms laws in the world.

The majority of civilian gun certificates in the country are issued for sport, wildlife management and pest control, Sky News reports, with those looking to have a gun in Great Britain required to undergo a rigorous process to obtain a licence granted by local police forces.

Prior to granting a licence, police will assess if the applicant poses a threat to public safety, if they have good reason to own a gun and if they have any previous criminal convictions. Applicants must also have references from two people of ‘good character’, as well as assurance from a doctor that they are medically fit to own a gun.


The most recent government figures for England and Wales state there are 156,033 people certificated to hold firearms and they own 617,171 weapons. Shotgun certificates also cover 1.4 million shotguns. In Scotland, 70,839 firearms were held by 25,983 certificate holders in 2020, and 133,037 shotguns were covered by certificates.

In comparison, a Pew Research Center survey conducted in June 2021 found that four-in-10 US adults say they live in a household with a gun, including 30% who say they personally own one.

King has been met with mixed responses after sharing his thoughts on gun control, with some followers agreeing with the need for stricter laws in the US, while others stood by the right to bear arms.


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