Sri Lanka To Ban The Burqa And Shut More Than 1,000 Islamic Schools


Sri Lanka To Ban The Burqa And Shut More Than 1,000 Islamic SchoolsPA Images

Sri Lanka’s minister for public security had announced that the country plans on banning people wearing a burqa and will shut over thousand Islamic schools.

While Buddhism is the most predominant religion in Sri Lanka, it’s believed the country is home to almost two million Muslims.


A burqa is a Muslim cultural garment that covers the entire body and face, apart from the eyes. This is different to a hijab, another piece of clothing worn by Muslim women. A hijab only covers a person’s head.

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Discussing women in Sri Lanka wearing a burqa, Sarath Weerasekera said that they are ‘definitely going to ban it’.

As per the Independent, he said today, March 13, ‘In our early days Muslim women and girls never wore the burqa. It is a sign of religious extremism that came about recently. We are definitely going to ban it.’


In regards to Islamic schools, Weerasekera said the reason they’re closing them is because teachers have not been teaching the national curriculum.

He said, ‘Nobody can open a school and teach whatever you want to the children.’

Today’s announcement comes after burqas were temporarily banned in Sri Lanka in 2019 after a string of terror attacks by Islamic extremists. More than 250 people were killed in several hotels and churches.

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Sri Lanka will be joining 19 other countries in permanently banning the piece of clothing.

As of 2018, the likes of France, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany had banned the burqa, meanwhile Switzerland last week voted to ban the garment. Anyone seen in France wearing one can be subject to a 150€ fine (£115), or if someone’s found to be forcing another person to wear one, they can face a fine of us to 30,000€ (£25,671).

Some places that have banned the burqa still allow people to wear a hijab, however.

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    Sri Lanka to ban burqa and shut many Islamic schools, minister says

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