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Former NFL player Philip Rivers says wife is expecting their 10th child
Featured Image Credit: Philip Rivers

Former NFL player Philip Rivers says wife is expecting their 10th child

It's the first child that he and his wife, Tiffany, have had since he retired from American football in 2021.

Former NFL player Philip Rivers has announced that he and his wife are to welcome their 10th child this autumn.

After 17 seasons and eight Pro Bowl wins, Rivers, 41, announced that he was stepping away from the National Football League in 2021.

As well as having a sensational career with the Los Angeles Chargers and the Indianapolis Colts, he also had an incredibly-busy family life behind-the-scenes.

During his time playing in the NFL, he and his wife, Tiffany, had a total of nine children together.

According to, the couple’s current family consists of seven girls and two boys - all aged between four and 21.

However, just two years after his retirement, the quarterback has shared the amazing news that the pair are adding a tenth child to their brood.

Speaking to the aforementioned publication, Rivers said: “We've had one pretty much every two years, and now this is the longest gap.

"We are all fired up. Everyone was pulling for a boy. Even our girls wanted a boy,” he continued.

Philip Rivers is welcoming his tenth child this year.
Los Angeles Chargers/YouTube

Luckily for the Rivers clan, it has been announced that the family will be bringing another boy into the fold next Autumn.

Speaking about the news, the American said that his mother and father also had numerous brothers and sisters. Both parents apparently come from a family that consists of nine children.

“We thought we would be the third generation of nine, but we decided to go double-digits – or I should we didn’t decide it. God decided,” he stated.

Despite already knowing his 10th baby's gender, the St Michael Catholic High School coach is yet to pick out a name.

“We are still kind of figuring that out,” he admitted.

“We have plenty of opinions. That is what we've got right now.”

Elsewhere, the sports star stated that his entire family was, 'excited and ultimately just thankful', that another baby was on the way.

“I think what tells the story for us is the reaction of the other children, and how excited they are,” he continued. “They are fired up.”

Those familiar with Rivers’ career will know that the former football player announced his retirement from playing on January 20 2021.

In a statement shared by the Colts, he said: "Every year, January 20th is a special and emotional day.

“It is St. Sebastian's Feast day, the day I played in the AFC championship without an ACL, and now the day that after 17 seasons, I'm announcing my retirement from the National Football League.”

"Thank you, God, for allowing me to live out my childhood dream of playing quarterback in the NFL.

"I am grateful to the Chargers for 16 seasons and the Colts for the 17th season. Thank you to all my coaches that helped me grow as a player and person,” he added.

Rivers is now the head coach of St. Michael Catholic in Fairhope, Ala. His eldest son, Gunner, is set to be the starting quarterback this season.

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