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‘Sovereign citizen’ hands over homemade drivers license after being pulled over by the cops

‘Sovereign citizen’ hands over homemade drivers license after being pulled over by the cops

Chloe Fisher was fined after handing over a ridiculous fake ID to police while driving with no number plates through rural NSW.

A self-described ‘sovereign citizen’ has filmed herself handing over a ridiculous fake ID to police while driving through rural New South Wales.

The Daily Mail reported that Victorian woman Chloe Fisher has recorded herself being pulled over by police in Gundagai.

In the video, a police officer asks if her vehicle is registered, to which the woman says ‘no’ as she believes she's not part of the state.

The officer proceeds to ask the woman for identification and Fisher hands over a homemade card that says that she is a’ sovereign living woman’ and her first breath location is ‘earth’.

Honestly, this looks like a botch job at the hands of some sticky tape and a laminator.

Shortly after showing her ID, the officer asks her if her vehicle has ever been registered.

Fisher replies: “I guess when I first bought it.”

The officer then notifies Fisher she will conduct some checks, leading her to ask for an NSW license.

However, the driver bizarrely says she is 'private and not under any public law’.

The officer then asks Fisher why the number plates aren’t displayed, to which the woman says she's ‘going sovereign’, which is a very creative way of saying ‘driving illegally’.

Sovereign Cleo/YouTube

She adds: “I’m slowly removing myself from being under your corporation cause you’re actually a corporation - you just collect money.”

She reveals she’s ‘transitioning from interactions with police’ and is removing licenses and number plates to declare they have ‘no authority over her'.

Fisher continues: “Without the number plates and without the license, I’m not actually under your membership.”

The officer then discovers the woman has her number plates inside her vehicle, which she demands are displayed if Fisher continues to drive.

Fisher was also handed a fine before the police let her go.

As she drives away, she tells viewers: “So first attempt at being half sovereign because I’m still registered, and I’m still licensed.”

She adds: “I probably made it four hours up the road, like three hours up the road, before I got harassed by some pigs, who harassed me and stalked me.

“I tried to change my plates back over, that didn't work. You cannot talk these people. You cannot talk to police. They don't give a f**k."

She concludes: “Still, I chose this path, I'm not giving up that easily.”

Well, we feel sovereign life will be quite expensive racking up fines to and fro.

This surely won't be the last of her.

Featured Image Credit: Sovereign Cleo/YouTube

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