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South Park writer is trolling MAGA and QAnon-supporting politicians with genius move

South Park writer is trolling MAGA and QAnon-supporting politicians with genius move

People have been left in stitches over South Park writer Toby Morton's trolling of MAGA and QAnon-supporting politicians

People have been left in stitches by the clever way, Toby Morton, one of the former writers and occasional voice actors for South Park, has been trolling MAGA and QAnon-supporting politicians.

It's no surprise Toby Morton came up with such a hilariously simply and affective way to antagonise and rile up the likes of Kari Lake, Ron Johnson and Greg Abbott, considering he is responsible for writing some of the much-loved animated sitcom South Park.

Morton has since received widespread praise for the 'genius' way he's targeted vocal US supporters of either Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again' campaign or the political conspiracy theorist group QAnon.

Instead of sending US politicians hate over social media, Morton decided to buy each of their domain names online and subsequently throw a spanner in the works for their political campaigning.

Strap yourself in because you're in for a treat.

Kari Lake - who has been branded Trump's 'new leading lady' and the 'face of the MAGA movement' - may have wanted her domain name to promote herself while she's in the running to be the Governor of Arizona, but alas, Morton had other ideas.

Instead, Lake's domain name page, 'KariLake2022,' reads: "Fascist and neo-Nazi supporter.

"With absolutely no experience in politics except reporting on the subject from my news desk, I want to make life-changing decisions for Arizona. I am notorious for blocking those on Twitter who simply disagree with me. Imagine me being your governor and you having an issue that needs attention and this issue is something I disagree with. Think back to my twitter blocks.

"Do you actually believe you'll have a chance to get my help? Enjoy my campaign website to see how inept and out of touch I am when it comes to human emotion or whatever you call it."

Ron Johnson is equally dragged through the mud by Morton.

Branded as a 'liar' and 'traitor', the senior US senator is described as having 'a long history of extremely s***y takes' from being 'one of the most vocal proponents of Trump's 'big lie',' to having 'repeatedly downplayed 6 January'.

Johnson is also labelled a 'major purveyor of COVID misinformation' and Morton also highlights the recently revealed text messages which supposedly prove Johnson 'attempted to hand-deliver fake electors to VP Mike Pence'.

Greg Abbott's domain page, ',' opens with: "The failures of Governor Greg Abbott."

From Abbott being 'against the gays and the weirdos' to cutting '$211 million from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, which oversees mental health services,' no love is lost in Morton's description of the 48th governor of Texas.

The nail in the coffin, however, comes under the, 'About Me' section, which reads: " I am partly responsible for the deaths of students killed in school shootings. It could've been worse! My current goal is to make sure you forget about the clusterfuck called, Uvalde. More on that in my 'Guns' section!"

Other US politicians - who are also MAGA and QAnon supporters - to feel Morton's wrath include Elise Stefanik, Senator Marco Rubio, Lauren Boebert, Gym Jordan, Devin Nunes and Kevin McCarthy.

Morton has shared his handiwork via his Twitter page, revealing Lake offered him '$150 for her campaign domain'. However, the writer refused and 'built her new website' instead.

One of Morton's followers responded: "I think you might be my favorite person on the internet."

"Toby, I don't know why I follow you, or how I stumbled upon this, but this is genius," another said.

A third resolved: "You might be my new hero."

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Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central / REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

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