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Incredible South American tree that grows fruit on its trunk

Incredible South American tree that grows fruit on its trunk

This South American tree has people talking due to its distinctive look where fruit grows on its trunk

Pictures have been circulating on social media of an incredible South American tree that grows fruit on its trunk.

Closer to home, we are not lucky enough to find such exotic trees, but who doesn't look a good apple tree in their back garden.

However, in South America, they are blessed with jabuticaba trees - which is an edible fruit of a Brazilian grape.

The purplish fruit grows directly on the trunk of the tree and can be eaten raw or used to make jellies, jams, juice and even wine.

The tree is part of the Myrtaceae family and is found in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Goiás and São Paulo in Brazil.

Related species in the genus Myrciaria are also native in Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.

The name of the tree from the Tupi word jaboti/jabuti [tortoise] and caba [place], meaning the jabuticaba is 'the place where tortoises are found'.

Due to the fruit's distinctive white pulp, it has also been interpreted as 'like turtle fat'.

The tree is found natively in many states of Brazil.

To many, the look of the tree has got them talking as it is unlike no other they have seen before.

Unlike a lot of trees where the fruit is growing on the odd branch, the jabuticaba's grow all up the trunk to the point in some pictures shared on social media that you struggle to see any of the tree.

The 1 to 4 inch leaves of the fruit start salmon coloured but then deepen into a dark green once it has matured.

The fruit then becomes dark purple to almost black when ripe and is ready for eating or being used in wines.

It doesn't take long for the fruit to ripe either as usually within 20 to 25 days it is ready for use.

People have been reacting to the distinctive tree on social media, and it is fair to say many are impressed.

People have been reacting to the unique tree.

One person on Facebook replying to pictures of the tree on the Amazing World page said: "My tree has been spectacular at times, but has never produced that much fruit. Only a few fruit this year. Tasty jelly can be made from the fruit."

A second added: "I grew one in southwest Florida, was thrilled the first time it bloomed and fruited!"

And a third reminisced on childhood memories: "Oh, my! Used to climb the tree, eating all the jabuticaba I could on the way up! Heavenly!"

Featured Image Credit: @nitinsangwan/Twitter

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