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Soldier Poses With Ukraine Flag At Chernobyl After Russian Retreat

Soldier Poses With Ukraine Flag At Chernobyl After Russian Retreat

Russian troops are reported to have withdrawn with 'acute radiation poisoning'

A photo of a soldier posing with Ukraine's flag at Chernobyl has been shared following the Russian retreat.

Vladimir Putin's 'special military operation' has now stretched into its 39th day and early on in the invasion, Russian troops seized control of the infamous power plant, ground zero of the worst accident in the history of nuclear power. 

After weeks of concerns over radiation leaks, the welfare of Chernobyl's staff and troops kicking up radioactive dust, Russian forces have since withdrawn from the plant and other areas within the Exclusion Zone.

Chernobyl was taken by Russain troops following the invasion of Ukraine.

In a statement earlier this week, the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine (Energoatom) said: "It was confirmed that the occupiers, who seized the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and other facilities in the Exclusion Zone, marched in two columns towards the Ukrainian border with the Republic of Belarus."

And now, in a new update posted on Energoatom's Telegram channel, a soldier can be seen with the country's flag with the plant as his backdrop. "Units of the Ukrainian landing party took control of the Pripyat region and the area of ​​the state border with the Republic of Belarus," the post reads.

A Ukrainian soldier holding the flag at Chernobyl.

In its own update, Ukraine's defence ministry also wrote: "Yes, today on April 03, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took control of the district of Pripyat and the area of the State Border of Ukraine with the Republic of Belarus.

"We continue to perform combat duties! Together to victory! Glory to the DSHW! Glory to Ukraine!"

It's reported that Russian troops retreated from Chernobyl after several got 'significant doses' of radiation from digging trenches and travelling through the Red Forest - the most radioactively contaminated part of the Exclusion Zone - without any protection.

Yaroslav Yemelianenko, an employee with the Public Council at the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management, also cited the 'irradiation' when discussing the withdrawal of Russian 'terrorists'.

Burnt trees near to Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Ukraine.

In a Facebook post, he wrote: "Another batch of radiation irradiation of Russian terrorists who captured the Chernobyl zone was brought to the Belarusian centre of radiation medicine in Gomel today.

"Digging the trenches in the Rudu forest, b*****s? Now live the rest of your short life with this. There are rules of handling this territory."

Russia's defence ministry has yet to respond to the reports from Chernobyl. However, it's also been reported that at least seven minibuses of Russian troops with 'acute radiation poisoning' arrived at a clinic in Belarus on Thursday (31 March).

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Featured Image Credit: Ukraine Armed Forces/@michaeldweiss/Twitter

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