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Woman who had 14 kids in 21 years poses with each one and leaves people amazed
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @13crownsofficial

Woman who had 14 kids in 21 years poses with each one and leaves people amazed

"It's not for everyone."

A mom has spoken out after a video of her revealing she was pregnant 14 times across 21 years went viral.

Yup. Sarah Wolfgramm has a whopping total of 14 children. Prepare to imagine a chaotic Christmas:

A video posted to Instagram by music band 13 Crowns shows Sarah posing with each of her children and captions showing how old she was when she was pregnant with each of them.

The first of Sarah's brood she had when she was 20 years old in 1996, the second, when she was 21 in 1997, the third in 1999 at the age of 23 and the fourth in 2000 at the age of 25.

There was then a small gap before Sarah had her fifth child when she was 26 in 2002, he sixth followed shortly after in 2003 when she was 28 and seventh in 2005 when she was 29.

Sarah has been pregnant across 21 years of her life.
Instagram/ @13crownsofficial

The eighth offspring was born in 2007 when Sarah was 31, the ninth in 2008, Sarah 33, the tenth when Sarah was 35 in 2010 and eleventh in 2012, when Sarah was 36.

Sadly, when she was 38 in 2014, Sarah tragically lost a baby, referred to in the video as an angel.

Sarah's thirteenth child was born in 2015 when she was 39 and last, but not least, her fourteenth in 2017 when she was 42.

The post reads: "Our mom is amazing! #family #bigfamily #familyreels #siblings #bigfamilylife."

Sarah had 14 children in 21 years.
Instagram/ @13crownsofficial

In an interview with Good Morning America, the mom explained the family has '13 crowns and a halo' - 13 Crowns the name of the music band the seven eldest of Sarah's kids have since started.

The kids heavily inspired by their dad Haini - who was in The Jets.

Sarah reflects: "Having a big family for us, it's not for everyone. I've been blessed physically. I look back and think, 'How was I pregnant for 21 years?' And lactate, I nursed them all.

"And is it easy? No. Are we the perfect family? No. We have trials upon trials. As big as the blessings are, that's how big the trials are.

"But those are the hurdles we have to cross in life. And I think the great thing is that we have each other as a support system and as a resource of community and love. And that's what a big family is for us."

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