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Sisters Accidentally Marry The Wrong Men After Power Cut At Quadruple Wedding

Sisters Accidentally Marry The Wrong Men After Power Cut At Quadruple Wedding

A power cut at a quadruple wedding caused sisters to have the wrong grooms for their weddings.

Normally when someone says 'you're not the man I married', it's after years and years of being together - less so on the same day as the wedding.

However, that's what happened to a pair of sisters who accidentally swapped grooms after a power cut at a quadruple wedding left them in the dark and falling foul of a marital mix-up.

According to Navtarang, this marital mix-up occurred when sisters Nikita and Karishma were preparing to marry Dangwara Bhola and Ganesh, men from two different families.

Confusion reigned following a power cut which left everyone literally in the dark as to who was marrying who, resulting in two of the couples at the quadruple wedding nearly getting hitched to the wrong person.

It wasn't until right before wedding vows were about to be exchanged that the power came back on and the catastrophic error was discovered with the sisters realising they had very nearly married each other's grooms.

Jewellery and a gown from an Indian wedding.
Gori Girl via Creative Commons

Part of the mix up was due to the brides-to-be wearing the same dresses and veils, meaning nobody could properly tell them apart in the dark once the power went out.

The power cut occurred at about the same time as the pre-wedding functions were due to begin at 9:00pm.

The Independent reports that father of the brides, Rameshlal Railot, decided to organise the marriages of his son and three daughters so they would all occur on the same day.

All three daughters were wearing the same outfit for the wedding, leading to two of them sitting with the wrong groom and mistakenly conducting pre-wedding rituals.

Fortunately for all the proper ceremony was conducted once the power came back on.
Cleiph via Creative Commons

Sitaram, the older brother of the father of the brides, lamented the frequent power outages in the village of Aslana in India's state of Madhya Pradesh, which had contributed to the confusion and threw a spanner in the works of the family's big day.

He said: "They did not exchange garlands or wedding vows, but the mix up happened for one of the rituals.

"It is insulting for us - because of a power failure we suffered this humiliation."

Fortunately, all was corrected the next day as the couples were made to go and have their weddings again once the power came back on, this time making extra sure it was with the right person.

If nothing else two sisters coming within moments of marrying each others grooms is a hell of a family story to have.

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy