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Simon Cowell is one of the most recognisable people in the Western world.

He is a TV judge on a number of highly popular shows both in the UK and USA, a music mogul, businessman and philanthropist. Cowell has gone from being bankrupt to a multi-millionaire with a host of successes under his belt.


Who is Simon Cowell, how old is he, when is his birthday, how tall is he and what is his background?

Simon Cowell is 58 years old and was born in Lambeth, London on October 7, 1959 to his mother Julie, a dancer, and father Eric, who was involved with a number of businesses.

He is 1.72 metres tall. Leaving college with few formal qualifications, Cowell found a position as a runner on the horror film The Shining, before taking a job at the post room at EMI where his father was an executive.

After trying out other odd jobs and having learnt a little about the recording business from his time at EMI, he set up his own label, Fanfare. Singer Sinitta gave him his first hit with the record So Macho.


Working with Stock Aitken Waterman, more hits followed but the business failed and Cowell was made bankrupt. Undaunted, he started recording songs by novelty acts, before striking gold again with Robson Green and Jerome Flynn who gave him a Number 1 track, a double A-side of covers of Unchained Melody and Up On The Roof, plus further successful singles and albums. He then signed Westlife, 5ive and bizarrely, the Teletubbies.

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Why is Simon Cowell famous and what is his occupation?

It was TV that propelled Simon Cowell into the public domain, through his appearance as a judge on the talent shows he helped to create. In addition to his TV work, Simon, in partnership with Sony, runs SYCO Entertainment, which owns The X Factor and the Got Talent brands. Although his comments are often cutting, the general consensus appears to be that he is fair.


What is Simon Cowell’s net worth?

Latest figures reportedly put Simon’s net worth at £325 million.

How much does Simon Cowell earn?

The star’s position as the head of SYCO together with his TV projects across the globe brings Simon a reported annual income in the region of £100 million.

Simon Cowell Biography Age Son Marriage X Factor Net WorthITV

How much does Simon Cowell weigh?

Given his hectic and jet-setting lifestyle Simon manages to stay in shape, weighing in at 187 pounds or 85kg.

Where does Simon Cowell live?


The Cowell family home is in Elstree in Hertfordshire, England. The TV mogul also has a property in Los Angeles, California.

Does Simon Cowell have any children, how old are they, when were they born?

Simon has a son named Eric, who he named after his father. Eric was born on February 14, 2014 and is four years old.

Simon Cowell Biography Age Son Marriage X Factor Net WorthITV

Is Simon Cowell married, when did he get married, who has he dated in the past, why did they break up?

In 2013, the star surprised everyone when he married Lauren Silverman, a New York socialite. Prior to his marriage, Simon Cowell had a reputation as a womaniser. In the early ’80s he dated a former Miss Nude, Jackie St Clair. Simon’s relationship with the singer Sinitta was also regularly in the news in the ’80s and the two are still friends today. Alleged relationships with Terri Seymour, Danni Minogue, Mezhgan Hussainy, and Carmen Electra followed before he settled down with Lauren. Simon has always kept the reasons for his failed relationships private.

When did Simon Cowell become famous, how did he become famous?

Simon came to public prominence as the harsh, but honest judge on the show Pop Idol, which first aired in 2001; he signed the winner, Will Young and the runner-up, Gareth Gates, to his record label and they both went on to have Number 1 records. American Idol followed its British cousin in 2002. America’s Got Talent began in 2006, followed in 2007 by a British version. The Got Talent format has aired in 52 countries. Simon believes in giving something back to society. He is a patron of the children’s charity, Short Lives Together, a number of animal charities and he provided money for Manchester Dogs’ Home when it was damaged by a fire.

What car does Simon Cowell drive, what cars does he have?

Simon is passionate about fast and classic cars. He is said to own a Rolls Royce, an E-Type Jaguar, an Eagle Speedster and a Bentley Azure, and has been a guest on Top Gear on several occasions.

When did Simon Cowell create The X Factor, how many seasons have there been?

The first series of The X Factor aired in 2004, and the show has been aired in 41 countries worldwide. Its most reason cycle was series 14, which aired from September 2, 2017 to December 3, 2017.

What is Simon Cowell’s record label?

SYCO Music is Simon’s own record label, which has had artists including Little Mix, One Direction, Louisa Johnson, Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony signed to it.

What football team does Simon Cowell support?

Simon supports Arsenal, The Gunners. He has helped the club financially in the past.

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