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Woman's husband sleeps with her twin but claims 'it's not cheating' as they're 'basically the same'

Woman's husband sleeps with her twin but claims 'it's not cheating' as they're 'basically the same'

The anonymous woman claimed the couple wanted her to raise their child

A woman claims her twin sister and husband are having a baby together - but he doesn’t believe he’s cheated as the pair share ‘the same lady parts’.

An anonymous woman has admitted that her spouse committed infidelity with her biological twin sister and that they both expect her to raise the child they’ve made together.

Popular TikToker Belle Blake - who has recounted the person’s story to her 124,000 social media followers - began by explaining that the unnamed woman had previously struggled to conceive.

A TikToker recounted a woman's relationship story. (TikTok/mrsbelleblake)
A TikToker recounted a woman's relationship story. (TikTok/mrsbelleblake)

She claimed that she and her husband had been ‘struggling to have a baby’ for around six-and-a-half years and that her twin sister didn’t have the same fertility issues.

It seems then that the woman’s sibling and her significant other had taken matters into their own hands and decided to start a family together.

“Without telling me, my sister and my husband decided to sleep together to get pregnant and surprise me that they’re having a baby,” she continued.

“And my sister wants me to have this baby and raise this baby after she slept with my husband.”

Blake explained in her video that the submitter’s partner was ‘fine’ with the arrangement because he viewed it as a surrogacy.

Furthermore, he claimed that, as the two twins share genetics, it was ‘genetically’ the woman’s baby.

“My sister says it’s no big deal and that she’s happy to do it for me,” she continued.

“This is not the same as surrogacy. This is not the same as my egg going inside her and doing a fertility treatment - she slept with my husband.”

Concluding the story, Blake added that the woman’s husband said he wasn’t cheating because the twin sisters share ‘the same lady parts’.

After watching the one-minute, 25-second clip, viewers came out in their droves to debate the strange scenario in the clip’s comments section.

One TikTok user typed: “As a twin myself, I would be OK with this if I couldn’t have children, if it was discussed by all parties first! I’m so sorry girl!”

Another said: “Huge red flags. Now that they crossed that line they will continue to cross it.”

“I feel like that wasn’t an accident that wasn’t an accident that happened and that was their explanation for it,” claimed someone else.

A fourth social media purveyor penned: “Embrace the baby. This is sisterhood and love!!!”

Another advised: “They are playing you. Get out now! So sorry you have to deal with this.”

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