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Secret sex code used on 'spicy' swingers cruise where couples swap partners

Secret sex code used on 'spicy' swingers cruise where couples swap partners

Temptation Cruise has been going viral, with tourists sharing their own experiences onboard

To the uninitiated, swinging culture may seem deeply mysterious and confusing, and in a certain sense, that is by design.

Swinging – or the act of partner-swapping among multiple people – is oftentimes cloaked in mystery to protect people’s identities and privacy, but sometimes that mystery is simply a part of the fun.

One example of this additional mystery is the use of certain secret codes by swingers to identify one another and what exactly they are looking for.

These are most commonly seen on adult-only cruises that are promoted as 'swinger cruises' and invite those who partake in that lifestyle to enjoy themselves at sea. One such example is Temptation Cruise, which has been doing the rounds online.

They decorated the door. (@4ourplay/TikTok)
They decorated the door. (@4ourplay/TikTok)

Among these swinger cruises, one of the most popular is the Temptation Cruise, which hosts couples-only cruises twice a year.

TikTok couple Belle and Jase were two of the attendees this past April, and they shared some parts of their experience to their joint TikTok account, Their videos gave some fascinating insight into some aspects of the strange world of swinging.

According to Belle, the 'spicy cruise' she attended specifically mandates that you wear necklaces with your name on them. It also recommends that you decorate the door of your cabin to your heart’s content.

The upside down pineapple is a key sign. (@4ourplay/TikTok)
The upside down pineapple is a key sign. (@4ourplay/TikTok)

As for one of those aforementioned secret codes, you can see upside-down pineapples all over the cruise, including in Belle and Jase’s own decorations. This is because the upside-down pineapple is actually a code for a couple that is open to meeting new couples to have sex with.

The upside-down pineapple is used quite frequently both on swinger cruises and in everyday life, with its use in the latter being a way to tell others that they’re into that lifestyle discreetly.

The pineapple is such a notorious part of swinger culture that Belle even pondered if it related to the consumption of pineapple within the community as well.

“I bet swinger cruises go through way more pineapple than normal ones do, don’t you think?” the TikToker joked.

So, if you ever see an upside-down pineapple around your town, you may be in the presence of swingers–but don’t be a pest about it; they’re keeping it discreet for a reason.

Featured Image Credit: Temptation Cruises

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