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Pornhub’s most viewed adult film star confirms whether ‘size matters’

Pornhub’s most viewed adult film star confirms whether ‘size matters’

Autumn Falls has given her honest answer on whether size really matters or if it's what you do with it that counts

Pornhub star Autumn Falls has revealed whether she thinks size actually matters.

It's the question you've all been waiting years to know the answer to and a concern which has seen multiple poor socks not just placed on feet but stuffed in nether regions in a bid to supposedly compensate.

Thankfully, one of the most viewed Pornhub adult film stars Autumn Falls has since weighed in on whether size matters - or if it's just what you do with it that truly counts.

Sitting down with Bradley Martyn on an episode of his podcast Raw Talk, Falls - who was PornHub's Top Newcomer in 2019 and named XBiz's Best New Starlet in 2020 - addressed some of viewers' most burning questions about the adult film industry.

And a question which cropped up in a few subscribers' minds?

Well, when it really comes down to it, 'does size really matter?'

Martyn added: "If you were dating a porn star with size and you were dating a regular guy like out of porn [...] would you be more satisfied by this or this?"

And it didn't take long for Falls to jump in and answer the question.

Autumn Falls has weighed in on whether size matters (Instagram/ @autumnfalls)
Autumn Falls has weighed in on whether size matters (Instagram/ @autumnfalls)

She said: "Yes and no. I feel that it's probably the way - how you use your c**k. Like how you use it."

Martyn questioned whether she meant in terms of 'angles' or 'speed'.

"Maybe," Falls replied, noting she's 'not the best' with giving pointers.

However, she added: "I felt like definitely a little bit of both, speed and angles. But also every person's different so it's really hard to talk about."

And it's not just Falls who's been chatting about size and whether it matters either, with the conversation spilling onto Reddit.

U/Sensitive_Resolve_93 took to thread r/dating_advice to ask the same question.

They explained: "I ask because even though I haven't had a problem with this (I've only had two sexual partners) some of my friends have had problems where girls make fun of them when they drop their pants, most of them apologize right after, but the dmg is already done and I have two friends with self-esteem problems because of those comments.

"I've never had a problem with that partly because the people I've had sex with are girls I knew when I was young and we were teenagers, so I think girls weren't fussy about size at that time.

"I am not a person with many self-esteem problems until now that my friends tell me about their experiences, I considered myself to be of average size (I googled it) but even so, it makes me anxious that a girl."

And it didn't take long for people to flock to the comments to reply.

Falls isn't the only one who argues size doesn't matter (Instagram/ @autumnfalls)
Falls isn't the only one who argues size doesn't matter (Instagram/ @autumnfalls)

U/norwegiandoggo responded: "If a girl did that I would instantly put on my pants and leave. It's so insanely rude. Imagine if you started laughing at a girl because she has small boobs. Is this appropriate? F**k no!!! It's rude as f**k.

"Size matters somewhat, but usually wayyyyyy less than men believe. Men are usually much more insecure about it than is warranted. Just like women are more insecure about their boobs or the way their vulva looks than what is warranted.

"You probably can't change your penis size safely - so don't worry about it. Worry about what you can control: like choosing women who aren't rude." *Mic drop*

So, what do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@autumnfalls / Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk

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