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High school teacher marries her former student despite controversial age gap
Featured Image Credit: Afrimax English

High school teacher marries her former student despite controversial age gap

Hasan Mamba Lemmy met Maombi Jeannette when he moved into her high school class

A high school teacher has spoken out about how she ended up marrying her former student after they met in her class.

Relationships come in many different forms, but Maombi Jeannette and Hasan Mamba Lemmy's is certainly controversial.

Now, the couple have opened up about their romance, how it developed and how they overcame the doubters.

First meeting

A teacher in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Maombi Jeannette first met Hasan Mamba Lemmy as he arrived for his fifth year of schooling.

Lemmy has recalled how Jeannette would go to his house to help him with his homework and further explain the topics they'd gone over in class, and as a result the pair 'spent a lot of time together'.

Lemmy's feelings developed while in class.
Afrimax English

Feelings develop

In an interview with Afrimax English, Lemmy admitted that he began to develop feelings for his teacher in spite of the age difference between them.

"Whenever she was teaching in class, I couldn't concentrate on the lessons," he said.

One of Lemmy's former classmates claimed the sparks between Lemmy and Jeannette were clear, but said he 'never thought that it could be this serious'.

As his exams approached, Lemmy decided to confess his love for Jeannette. Lemmy claimed that Jeannette didn't outright reject his advances, and instead said she would 'think about' what he had said.

After receiving his diploma, Lemmy went back to Jeannette to see how she felt, noting: "I couldn't give up."

Lemmy pursued his relationship with Jeannette.
Afrimax English

Jeannette's surprise

The teacher admitted she hadn't been expecting Lemmy's declaration towards her, saying she 'couldn't believe' that a student would tell her he wanted a serious relationship.

She claimed to have initially told Lemmy he was being 'disrespectful', but over time his 'consistent affection and genuine care' prompted the teacher to see Lemmy in a different light.

"It happened like magic," she said. "There is no way to explain, because I just found myself loving him and wanting to see him daily."

Jeannette eventually fell for Lemmy.
Afrimax English

A controversial relationship

Though Lemmy had succeeded in winning Jeannette's affections, the fact the teacher was 12 years older than the former student sparked controversy and backlash from society.

Lemmy recalled that his family attempted to put a stop to the romance, but he argued that 'love goes beyond age'.

Jeannette admitted that she might have been asked to resign from her job over the relationship, but since Lemmy had finished his studies it was out of the school's hands.

The teacher added that the challenges only 'strengthened' their bond, and Lemmy and Jeannette went on to get married.

Happily ever after

Now five years into their marriage, Lemmy and Jeannette believe they have proven their critics 'wrong'.

The couple are now parents to two children, and Jeannette continues to follow her passion in teaching while Lemmy runs a successful clothing store.

Lemmy's former classmate has credited the pair with teaching society a 'big lesson' that age is just a number.

"All [Lemmy] wants is to see me living a happy life," Jeannette said.

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