Serial Killer Expert Finally Tells The Truth About His ‘Murdered Wife’ In Exposé

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A French ‘serial killer expert’ has revealed the truth about his ‘murdered wife’ along with several other things. 

Stéphane Bourgoin has written over 40 books during his career as a self proclaimed serial killer expert as well as hosting numerous French television shows on the topic.


However, following being called out on lying about his past, Bourgoin has come clean.

The 67-year-old claimed his wife was murdered in 1976 by a man who went on to confess to several other murders upon his arrest two years later – but Bourgoin has confessed that this isn’t true.


The French writer has admitted his wife never even existed and the of version of his ‘wife’ stemmed from a woman he met a few times in a bar.


Speaking to the French press about it, it turns out his wife wasn’t the only thing he had lied about.

Bourgoin claimed to have interviewed 70 serial killers in his lifetime including Charles Manson and based his whole career on this, but he’s now admitted he never met Manson.

In addition to this, while he did meet some serial killers, it was no where near the amount he’d said.

Speaking to magazine Paris Match earlier this month, Bourgoin said, ‘I have reached the moment of coming clean. My lies have weighed me down’.


Over his 40 year career, Bourgoin also claimed to have been trained by the FBI and that he once played professional football for Parisian team, Red Star F.C. How no one called him out on the football career sooner is extremely baffling.

In an interview with Le Parisien on Tuesday, May 12, Bourgoin apologised for his lies.

He said: 


I am profoundly and sincerely sorry. I am ashamed of what I did, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

It is true that when I was in the public eye I sometimes happened to embellish, to extrapolate, to exaggerate my importance because I always had the deep feeling of not really being loved.

This has weighed on me immensely for two, three years. Very strangely, there’s the relief of having told the truth, and from the shame, a will to redeem myself, to never again say nonsense like that in public.


In regards to his made up wife, Bourgoin added:

It was bullshit that I took on. I didn’t want people to know the real identity of someone who was not my partner, but someone who I had met five or six times in Daytona Beach, and who I liked.


And they say truth is stranger than fiction.

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    French serial-killer expert admits serial lies, including murder of imaginary wife

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