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Serial killer concerns after fifth body found in same lake this year

Serial killer concerns after fifth body found in same lake this year

The gruesome discovery of five bodies since February has concerned locals in Austin, Texas

A fifth body has been discovered in a lake in Texas, prompting fears among locals that there is a killer on the loose.

Since February, five men have been found dead in Lady Bird Lake in Austin, sparking concerns that is a serial killer in the area.

The latest man to be found was Mogga Dogale, with police confirming his identity last Tuesday (June 27) following the horrific discovery of his body.

At least five men have been discovered in Lady Bird Lake.
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Prior to that, Jonathan Honey and John Christopher Hays-Clark’s bodies were discovered in April, with Cliff Axtel and Jason John also found dead in March and February respectively.

Speaking to Fox 7, Jason John’s mother Elsie called the deaths ‘heartbreaking’.

She told the local news outlet: “Every time I hear about a body, I feel like it's more painful. You know, when I think about another, it is heartbreaking."

The sudden deaths have led some locals to speculate that there is a serial killer operating in the area, using date-rape drugs to subdue victims.

However, police are insisting that there is ‘no evidence’ to suggest this.

Nevertheless, the City Council had installed fencing and lighting on a trail near the area and has also stationed more Park Rangers close by.

The authorities are also working on a safety plan for the area, including installing more security cameras and preventing the over-sale of alcohol.

However, police have insisted that there are no serial killers and no suspicion of foul play in the previous four deaths. Police said it was too early to confirm whether or not foul play was involved in the latest death.

"If there was any immediate public safety concerns, we would release that information," Austin police Sgt. Lee Knouse said told press.

The deaths are not being treated as a homicide investigation.

Jonathan Honey's body was also discovered earlier this year.

In April, Austin Police said: “There is no evidence in any of these cases to suspect foul play. While each incident has occurred at the lake, the circumstances, exact locations, and demographics surrounding these cases vary.”

However, Jason John’s mother has urged others to be cautious.

"There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in Austin. It is not easy for that community to hear this, you know, every, every week or every other week. There is somebody's body there,” she told Fox 7.

She added: “But on the other hand, and the one thing I am a little happy about is after Jason's passing away, the Austin community, we were able to make the community aware that just be careful, you know, just be on the safe side."

Meanwhile, one local bartender told The Sun: "The amount of people who have been found dead is huge.

"We now have police patrols on the street pretty regularly.

"It's an odd place for people to go, too. I find it hard to see how people could leave Rainey, and end up at the lake," she added.

"You have to walk blocks to get there."

UNILAD has contacted Austin Police for comment.

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