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Sacha Baron Cohen resurrects Borat to absolutely rinse Kanye West and Donald Trump

Sacha Baron Cohen resurrects Borat to absolutely rinse Kanye West and Donald Trump

The 'second most successful' TV reporter slammed Ye for his antisemitic remarks, telling him to 'stop stealing' Kazakhstan's top hobby.

Sometimes when things go wrong, all you can do is laugh. After all, nothing kills hate like laughter, which was precisely Sacha Baron Cohen’s strategy when he resurrected his iconic character Borat.

Cohen swung by the White House dressed as the controversial character, made famous in the aptly titled film Borat (2006), to give a tribute to U2 at the prestigious Kennedy Center Honours which recognise excellence in the arts.

The event was attended by current US President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, and a slew of Hollywood stars and big names.

And, as is the way with Borat, he didn't shy away from talking about the most controversial moment right now; Kanye West's unhinged remarks and former US President Donald Trump (because of course).

Wow wa wee wah.
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"Before I proceed, I will say I am very upset about the antisemitism in US and A," Cohen said, as Borat as per. Deadline.

"It not fair. Kazakhstan is No 1 Jew-crushing nation. Stop stealing our hobby. Stop the steal! Stop the steal!."

As guests either squirmed uncomfortably or burst into laughter, Borat continued.

He continued: “Your Kanye, he tried to move to Kazakhstan and even changed his name to Kazakhstanye West. But we said: No, he too antisemitic, even for us.”

Borat also took aim at Joe Biden by confusing him with Donald Trump.

"Where has your blown-ass big belly gone? And your pretty orange skin without fail," he asked, in character.

"I see you have a new wife. Whoa whoa, whooo wha! She is very erotic."

Jill was caught laughing and clapping in response.

But, when it was time to introduce the reason they had all gathered, Borat still had one more trick up his sleeve.

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He paid tribute to U2 by referring to the group as 'Me Too.'

Borat then went on to read a text from his parents in the Kazakh language.

Borat explained: "It translates to mean ‘Please remove your wretched album from my new iPhone 6.”

Hoo boy, U2 will never live that one down.

Borat finished his segment by telling the US President that he hoped he enjoyed himself.

"It is my wish to pleasure you with my mouth," Borat told Biden.

Cohen, who is Jewish, has been repeatedly critical of both Trump and West.

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