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Roller coaster crash at Legoland Germany injures 34

Roller coaster crash at Legoland Germany injures 34

A roller coaster crash at Legoland Germany has seen at least 34 people injured.

Emergency services were rushed to Legoland Germany after a roller coaster crash resulted in at least 34 people getting injured.

The crash occurred after two carts collided with each other on a ride when one train braked sharply and was struck by the other, it's not immediately clear how the crash was able to occur.

According to a spokesperson for Legoland, the incident took place in the station section of the Fire Dragon roller coaster.

Of the 34 injured at least two have sustained severe injuries, with a trio of helicopters being deployed to deal with the crash along with fire and rescue service vehicles.

The Fire Dragon is one of the main rollercoasters in the theme park, and takes visitors on a ride pulled along by a Lego sculpture of a fire breathing dragon.

It's also one of the rides not suitable for everyone, as children under six are not allowed on and children under eight have to be accompanied by an adult.

A roller coaster crash at Legoland Germany has injured over 30 people.
philipus / Alamy Stock Photo

This crash follows a fatal accident at an amusement park in southwest Germany last week, where a 57-year-old woman died of her injuries after falling out of a moving roller coaster.

That accident occurred at the Klotti Wildlife and Leisure Park and the cause of the accident in that case is not yet known.

Police have been trying to establish whether the fatal accident which occurred on 6 August was the result of third party interference.

At present prosecutors say they have 'no initial suspicion of criminal conduct' playing a role in the tragic incident which resulted in the woman falling 26ft to her death.

The Klotti park reopened on 9 August after remaining closed for several days to allow officials to investigate the crash.

The Fire Dragon ride is one of the main attractions at Legoland Germany.

Another recent tragedy struck the Tivoli Friheden amusement park in Denmark last month, as a 14-year-old girl died when part of the roller coaster she was riding on came off the tracks.

Emergency services had been called to the park in July to answer reports of a car becoming stuck and arrived to discover part of the carriage on the ride had become derailed.

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Featured Image Credit: Stefan Sutka / Alamy / AP

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