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11-mile stretch considered one of the most haunted roads in America
Featured Image Credit: GhostGirlAdventures/YouTube/@when_walls_can_talk/Instagram

11-mile stretch considered one of the most haunted roads in America

Riverdale Road in Colorado is the centre of some seriously strange and mysterious goings on

A road in the United States is considered as one of the most haunted roads in the entire world, and judging by some of the stories that surround it, it’s hard to disagree.

Obviously, the whole thing is predicated on whether or not you believe in ghosts and the supernatural, but if you do, you’ll like some of the fascinating stories that surround Riverdale Road in Colorado.

Those stories include the downright silly – ghost joggers and ghoulish drag racers – to tales of slave lynching, arson, and murder.

Here’s a bit more information about it, if you want to get to the root of the rumours.

All on this eleven-mile-long stretch of road the joins two otherwise unremarkable towns in the mid-USA.

OK, maybe ‘unremarkable’ is a bit unfair, but they’re hardly New York City or Los Angeles, are they?

Thornton is a suburb of Denver, and Riverdale Road links it to Brighton which sits a bit further north.

The road is built – as most of the USA is – on land that belonged to Native Americans beforehand, which has led to some believing that there are evil spirits present. There’s also a theory that witches were killed along the stretch of road.

The truth of the matter is, all we have to work on is the stories.

RIverdale Road might not look like much, but there are stories...

Riverdale Road has been nicknamed the ‘Gates of Hell’ because of some of the tales that surround it.

For starters, there’s the gruesome report of a man who killed his wife and children by setting their house ablaze.

The mansion house sat behind some large gates, hence the grisly nickname.

Other accounts suggest that slaves were lynched along the road, which is obviously utterly deplorable, but has added to the tales of the supernatural in the time that has since elapsed.

One particularly strange account suggests that there is a ghost driver of a Camaro car that roams the road, looking for drivers who are goaded into racing to their doom.

Of course, we can’t condone street racing in any capacity, but you definitely shouldn’t be taking on any spectral speeders either.

Further to the ghost tales, there are also rumours that rural areas and structures such as chicken coops have become meeting areas for witches and cult members.

It’s a strange one, because whilst all of these stories might sound fanciful, the whole thing can’t be entirely made up, can it?

The United States is full of tales of haunted highways and byways.

Well, there might not be anything supernatural going on there, but the tales of historical atrocities and murderous residents could have given rise to something a bit more imaginative over the years.

Still, if you’re ever in the area, perhaps you can drive down the road at night to have a look for yourself.

Just remember – no street racing, particularly against ghostly Camaro drivers.

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