Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy Pretends He Doesn’t Know What QAnon Is

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Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy Pretends He Doesn't Know What QAnon IsPA Images

Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy pretended he doesn’t know what QAnon is while defending Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

McCarthy was forced to speak up in the wake of Greene’s recent controversial comments.

Greene, a QAnon supporter herself, previously claimed to have filed impeachment charges against President Joe Biden, and also urged Trump supporters to flood the Capitol in a resurfaced video.

The congresswoman even claimed a 2018 fire in California was started by a ‘Jewish space laser’, despite the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection determining the cause of the fire was electrical transmission lines.

Marjorie Taylor GreenePA Images

House Democrats voted yesterday, February 3, to strip Greene of her Senate positions, which McCarthy described as a ‘partisan power grab’.

Discussing a Republican meeting that took place yesterday, McCarthy said, as per Politico:

[Greene] came inside our conference and denounced them as well. She said she was wrong. She has reached out in other ways and forms. And nothing that she said has been based upon since she has been a member of Congress.

A video has also been shared of McCarthy further defending Greene and appearing to not know what QAnon is.

In a clip shared on social media, the Republican House leader said, ‘I think it would be helpful if you could hear exactly what she told all of us: denouncing QAnon – I don’t know if I say it right, I don’t even know what it is – any from the shootings, she said she knew nothing about lasers. All the things that have been brought up about her.’

People on social media were quick to call out McCarthy’s supposed lack of knowledge surrounding QAnon, however.

One person wrote, ‘Pretending not to know about a well-known national security threat passes for smart politics in the GOP these days.’

Another Twitter user said:

In terms of pretending, it does not make sense that the leader of the Republican caucus says, “I do not want to learn anything about the movement that is said to be a threat to our party and was involved in the Capitol invasion.” If it’s not his business to know, whose is it?

A third person wrote, ‘GOP Leader pretending he has no idea what Q-Anon is. As if being that oblivious in a leadership position is acceptable.’

Many others pointed out that McCarthy had made comments on QAnon before, leaving many to question why he all of a sudden claims to not know what the organisation is.

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