‘Racist’ CEO Exposed For Allegedly Refusing To Hire Black People

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Racist CEO Exposed For Allegedly Refusing To Hire Black People@auntkaren0/TikTok

A TikToker has accused a CEO of racism, after her alleged refusal to hire Black people.

TikTok user Denise Bradley (@auntkaren0), also known as, ‘TikTok’s Favourite Karen’, uses her TikTok to post ‘racist of the day’ videos.


In one of her most recent posts, Bradley has accused a CEO named Eileen Cure of being racist in a video titled ‘C’mon Eileen’. The clip features alleged Skype messages which Cure is said to have sent after being given a Black applicant while on the search for new employees.

CEO Exposed For Alleged Racism (@auntkaren0/TikTok)@auntkaren0/TikTok

Bradley begins the video by introducing the CEO as ‘today’s racist of the day’ before joking she will have followers ‘singing come on Eileen’.

The TikToker goes on to show a photograph of the LPL advisor. Cure is the president of Cure and Associates.


Bradley says how, allegedly, ‘Miss Eileen’ has been looking for a new employee for her local office. But when the LPL advisor was given a Black applicant, she allegedly condemned the suggestion.

CEO Exposed For Alleged Racism (@auntkaren0/TikTok)@auntkaren0/TikTok

The photo of the Skype conversation message, allegedly sent by Cure, details how Cure ‘specifically said no blacks’, while denying being a ‘prejudice person’. She claimed that due to a high majority of the firm’s clients being white, she needed to ‘cater to them’ before calling the interview with the Black candidate, a ‘complete waste of time’.

The message says:


I wanted to tell you i specifically said no blacks.. I’m not a prejudice person, but our clients are 90% white and i need to cater to them.. so that interview was a complete waste of my time.. so please don’t second guess me or go against what i ask..listen to me and give me what i ask for please.

After showing the message, Bradley called on her TikTok followers to help, saying: ‘It’s like I always say, the devil works harder but we work harder’.

She went on to say that if the allegations proved to be true, Cure is ‘practicising discrimination and we need to hold her accountable.’


The video has amassed over 1.3 million views, with people taking to the comments to express their outrage and support for the potential employee who was allegedly turned away. One said: ‘I shouldn’t see anyone defending this.’

Another commented:

This is what we talk about when we say systematic racism but you want to tell us it doesn’t exist. This is white privilege in action.


A third said: ‘You are definitely the voice for the people!! Thank you!!’

Bradley has since posted multiple follow-up videos to update her followers on the ongoing situation.

One video, titled ‘Eileen voicemail’, details how Bradley tried to call Cure but got put through to her extension. Her extension appeared to have been hacked.

In another update, Bradley tells her followers that Cure is trying to ‘silence her voice’, going on to show a screenshot of a Skype message allegedly sent from Eileen detailing how she has an attorney appointment to get ‘tictok shut down’. The message also reads that she has a meeting with her US rep and Senator ‘to discuss this incitement to hate crimes’ before concluding by saying it should be over soon and ‘we can get back to normal’.

Bradley responded by saying she was ‘impressed’ Eileen was willing to go to a Senator over something she had said about her. Before sharing another screenshot, which appears to reveal several employees had chosen to resign following the incident.

In the final updates, the TikToker jokes, ‘Well TikTok, I finally did it, someone wants to sue me’. The video shows screenshots of an article by Investment News, which detail how Cure has called the TikTok videos ‘false and defamatory’. Cure has also claimed the allegations she faced resulted in threats of violence and bodily harm against her and her staff.

However, it also notes how LPL Financial has subsequently cut ties with Cure, due to the allegations of racism against her which went viral on TikTok.

In a statement, an LPL spokesperson said: ‘Following our process for review of adviser conduct, Ms. Cure is no longer a client of the firm.’

CEO Exposed For Alleged Racism (@auntkaren0/TikTok)@auntkaren0/TikTok

In an email, Bradley stated that in her opinion, the incident of a white woman being ‘caught being racist’ but who would ‘rather look like the victim, up against a Black woman’ is something that has been seen ‘done in history time and time again’.

Bradley concluded that she will ‘welcome any challenge that Eileen has’ as she will ‘always stand up against racism and this issue is no different.’

CEO Exposed For Alleged Racism (@auntkaren0/TikTok)@auntkaren0/TikTok

In a statement, Cure denied the allegations, saying that race ‘never has and will not be a factor in hiring decisions at my firm’.

She continued: 

I am committed to continuing to ensure that my firm and other business interests will not tolerate incitement of violence, judgement before due process, or discrimination or harassment of individuals with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, or on the basis of any other legally protected status or characteristic.’

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website.

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