QAnon Believers Aren’t So Sure Trump Is Going To Become President Again Any More


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QAnon believers have a problem: it doesn’t look like Donald Trump is going to become US president again.

If you’ve managed to live your life unaware of this conspiracy theory, more power to you. It’s based on the belief that some of Trump’s political enemies are Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic paedophiles. It isn’t rational, it isn’t real, but it’s still given an alarming amount of credence online.


After Trump lost the election in November, the ‘movement’ started rallying around March 4; the supposed date Trump will return to the White House and assume power once more, harkening back to 75 years ago when this was the date of inauguration.

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While ridiculous in theory, the US Capitol riots at the hands of pro-Trump supporters in January have given cause to take pre-emptive action, with around 5,000 National Guard troops set to be deployed to Washington DC next week.

However, the legitimacy of this date has been thrown out the window by influencers within the conspiracy, who allege the March 4 doomsday was a disinformation figment of the ‘fake news media’ designed to make QAnon followers look silly.


Karim Zidan, an investigative journalist for Right Wing Watch, an advocacy group which tracks extremist groups, says QAnon figures are telling people to ignore the date, explaining to VICE: ‘There is a schism within the community, a splintering over what this March 4 date really means.’

In a post shared to Twitter by Alex Kaplan, a senior researcher for Media Matters, one QAnon influencer wrote: ‘Can’t help but get the feeling that these March 4 true inauguration stories are planed disinfo being peddled by the [injected] anons to dupe people into spreading probably nonsense theories that make the whole movement look dumb.’

Another post discrediting the March 4 theory read: ‘I’ll add here that I believe that the election fraud will be exposed and Trump will be inaugurated in 2021 – not 2024 – but it will be God’s doing, not man’s.’


There is no reason to believe Trump will be inaugurated this year, mainly because Biden is the President of the United States, there is no evidence of electoral fraud and the QAnon theory is a revolving door of hypothetical nonsense.

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As per CNN, House Armed Services Committee chairman Adam Smith earlier said: ‘Stuff like that circulates all the time, does it mean it’s going to happen, probably not, but if you want to help, tell them not to do that, tell them that the election is over.’

He added: ‘Joe Biden won. It was a free and fair election, and let’s get to work, that too would help reduce the well I don’t know fear/paranoia that people feel that requires everything that we’re seeing around here.’


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