Pub Will Pay For Your Gravestone If You Die Attempting Their Ultimate Burger Challenge

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As someone who’s attempted a number of food challenges, a restaurant offering to pay for my gravestone if I die while eating their massive meal is probably the easiest way to get me in the door. 

Call it gluttony, call it waste; it doesn’t change the fact that for a food lover with a big appetite, challenges are immense fun. They’re never advised as a daily option – simply a one-off feat of animalistic endurance, whether it be a hulk-sized breakfast, arse-rupturing chicken wings or, in the case of The George Pub & Grill, the ultimate burger challenge.

The County Durham pub’s latest meaty creation is the Big Ben Number 10 – made up of 10 burgers and dozens of slices of cheese, weighing a mental 1.5kg all in, not to mention the chips. It costs £28.95, but if you’re feeling particularly hungry, you can pay an extra £6.90 for extra bacon and cheese.

Big Ben Number 10 Burger SWNSSWNS

Watching your weight? Not to worry, the burger only amounts to 12,000 calories – or around five times your recommended daily intake.

A burger such a size comes with a health warning, obviously – but Craig Harker, 32, who owns the George, has pledged £500 towards your gravestone if you kick the bucket mid-munch.

Craig said: 

This burger is absolutely stacked high with juicy meat from top to bottom – 60 oz of beef tipped with so much cheese and 25 bacon rashers. If people want, they can add a further dollop of liquid cheese over the whole dish, which – by the way – makes it even tastier.

This burger will go down as bragging rights with friends, and I can see all the big eaters going for our Big Ben Number 10. With over 12,000 calories, the meal comes with a warning to eat at your own risk, but there’s some compensation – if it kills you, we’ll pay up to £500 for your headstone.

Craig Harker George Pub Burger - SWNSSWNS

When creating a food challenge, one has to make sure it’s actually doable. Harker knew exactly the man for the job: he invited competitive eater Kyle Gibson, of YouTube channel Kyle V Food, to the pub to give Big Ben Number 10 a try. Gibson has been making waves in the competitive eating world, recently appearing on a Channel 4 documentary, Battle of the Super Eaters.

For an insight into Gibson’s talents, have a look at the video below: 

Safe to say, Gibson managed the burger: in a whopping 21 minutes and 56 seconds, including the chips.

 Gibson said: 

That burger was absolutely delicious – the best I’ve ever tasted. It was so soft, full of flavour, and filled a small hole. Overall, it’s a quality burger.

Harker’s pub has made headlines before: in 2016, he created the 8,000 calorie Parmo Kebab, made up of two large pieces of breaded chicken covered in melted cheese, and filled with kebab meat.

Parmo Kebab George Pub FacebookThe George Pub & Grill/Facebook

Harker added: 

We are the meatiest pub in the UK, serving up dishes like the UK’s biggest steak – at 220 oz – so it’s fitting to open up with a new menu where the customer can pick a host of burgers with any number of patties, from one to 10.

People can make up their own minds without having salad and healthy-eating fads rammed down their throats constantly.

It’ll take 33 hours for me to run to the pub from here. I think I’ll burn enough calories to make eating that delicious-looking monster acceptable – see you there.

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Cameron Frew
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