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Pro-Life Spider-Man scales skyscraper to harass disabled woman about abortion

Pro-Life Spider-Man scales skyscraper to harass disabled woman about abortion

Maison Des Champs revealed he was climbing the tower to bully a woman named Hope out of her own decision.

A man has scaled the tallest building in Phoenix with nothing but his bare hands in order to pressure a disabled woman out of having an abortion.

Maison Des Champs, known as the 'Pro-Life Spider-Man' shared his dizzying free-climb up the side building of the Chase Tower in a video on social media.

In the spine-tingling clip, he revealed that the climb was being used to raise money to pressure a disabled woman out of choosing an abortion.

"We're climbing today to raise money for a woman named Hope who is 22 weeks pregnant," Des Champs said in the clip.

He added: "We want to help her. She has some disabilities, and we want to help her 'choose life'."

He then directed people to an anti-abortion website, which bears no mention of any disabled woman named Hope.

He was arrested on the roof of Arizona's tallest building moments after he reached the top, which was at about 10:45 am local time, Reuters reports.

He was slammed by Phoenix Fire Department Captain Todd Keller over his 480-foot (146 metre) climb.

"This is a stupid, stupid move. This is so dangerous," Keller told local reporters.

"You put not only yourself in danger, you put firefighters in danger."

Keller said fire crews were located in a nearby stairwell if anything went wrong with the man's stunt.

“If this person got fatigued or he needed help, we were ready to act and help this person off the tower,” Keller said.

He then slammed the 'Pro-Life Spider-Man' for his actions.

"This is highly dangerous. This is absolutely not the thing to do. We totally frown upon this.”

The Phoenix Police department have since revealed Des Champs will be thrown in jail for charges of trespassing and criminal nuisance.

In 2022, The pro-life campaigner climbed San Francisco's 60-story Salesforce Tower and the 52-story New York Times building.

Let Them Live President and CEO Emily Berning claimed the disabled woman's abortion scheduled for this Friday, as per KTAR News.

"He climbs and raises awareness and money to support the women that we help so they can choose life over abortion,” she said.

People on social media were not impressed.

The Spider-Man wannabe was slammed on social media for his actions.

One person on Reddit commented: "What if he falls and dies? That’s not doing much for pro-life."

Another added: "Fall already and save these poor women going through tough times [and] the goddamn stress of having you bug the f**k out of them."

A third pointed out: "This isn’t about the women, it’s about the dude climbing, he wants to bully her into a choice and gain his own press in the meantime."

Des Champs' move comes months after the United States Supreme Court overturned the 50-year-old Roe v Wade ruling that granted millions of women the legal right to abortion.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/prolifespiderman. TikTok/AllanJoshIsGay

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