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Preacher kicked out of shopping centre for wearing 'offensive' Jesus t-shirt speaks out

Preacher kicked out of shopping centre for wearing 'offensive' Jesus t-shirt speaks out

Paul Shoro said security guards at Mall of America told him he either had to remove the shirt or exit the premises.

A preacher who was kicked out of a shopping centre after refusing to remove his ‘offensive’ Jesus t-shirt has spoken out.

During a lengthy interview posted to YouTube, Paul Shoro recalled being accosted by security guards at Mall of America in Missouri.

The Ethiopian native, who was fashioning a ‘Jesus Saves’ shirt while handing out gospel tracks to members of the public, was told by security to either remove the shirt or exit the premises.

In the video of the encounter, the back of Shoro’s bright yellow t-shirt reads 'Jesus is the only way' while the 'coexist' symbol - which calls for different religions to live alongside each other peacefully - is crossed out.

In the video, a security guard says to Shoro: “Jesus is associated with religion, and it is offending people. People have been offended.”

But Shoro refused to comply and cited his ‘freedom of speech’.

He added in his interview: “When I was asked to take it off I said I would rather go to jail or die than take off my shirt.”

He continued: “Some people think we judge them but we don't. We go out to preach and help these people.

"I was so nice to them. I know my purpose. I didn't go there to fight.”

Subsequently, Shoro said he was suspended for 24 hours from handing out gospel tracks.

After the footage began circling the internet, many were left outraged.

One person wrote: “Embarrassed for #Minnesota. We are entering really ridiculous territory. I’ve seen shirts that are TRULY awful walking around that mall. People are CHOOSING to be offended more than ever. Why not ignore other people’s shirts? I’m done with @mallofamerica.”

Another said: “I will never forsake my God or Jesus.”

A third person commented: “What is going on in our country? Our first amendment right is being erased by OUR OWN citizens!!”

But some argued his shirt was offensive for crossing out the word ‘co-exist’.

One wrote: “Don’t mislead. He was kicked out because of the hate speech on the back of the shirt.

“To write co-exist in letters represented by the symbols of other religions and THEN cross it out and write ‘Jesus saves’ is flat-out religious extremism. And that has got to go.”

Another shared: “He got kicked out because crossing out every other religion is hate speech, not because it says Jesus Saves. I'd say try again, but honestly, just stop trying at all.”

A spokesperson for the Mall of America explained to the Daily Mail that Shoro was ultimately allowed to remain in the shopping centre while still wearing the controversial t-shirt.

UNILAD has approached the Mall of America for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kingdom Bizness/YouTube. rawlsfamily/TikTok

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