Police Will Text Warnings To Drug Dealers’ Contacts In Middle-Class Crackdown


Police Will Text Warnings To Drug Dealers' Contacts In Middle-Class CrackdownAlamy

Drug users could soon get a text message from the police as part of a government crackdown on recreational drug use.

Middle-class drug users will be directly contacted by detectives from the phone of their drug dealer.


As part of the government crackdown, authorities will also be able to seize passports and driving licences from users.

Priti Patel (Alamy)Alamy

Writing in the Daily Mail, Home Secretary Priti Patel said the new initiative would target ‘recreational users’ like students and middle-class professionals.

She said:


Their actions are directly leading to an increase in violent crime and people dying – but they pay no price. That will change.

The politician went on to further explain the other efforts in place to curb drug crime.

Patel added:

We will bring down the harshest possible legal sanctions and consequences for these drug users. Including criminal sanctions, fines, curfews, compulsory drug awareness courses and the removal of their passports.


This news comes after an MP allegedly put their drug dealer on parliamentary payroll, fuelling concerns about the ‘drug culture’ in Westminster.

Houses of Parliament PA)PA Images

An investigation by The Times found evidence of cocaine use in 11 out of 12 locations tested, including the toilets closest to Boris Johnson and Priti Patel.

The investigation is ongoing, with House of Commons speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle saying he would raise the ‘deeply concerning’ allegations with the police.


Hoyle said:

While parliament provides extensive support services for any staff or members who may need help with drug misuse – and I would encourage anyone struggling with such issues to take up such help – for those who choose to flout the law and bring the institution into disrepute the sanctions are serious.

The speaker reaffirmed the ‘full and effective enforcement of the law’ would be taken against anyone brining cocaine or other illegal substances into parliament.

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