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Police Release Bodycam Footage After Jayland Walker Was Shot 60 Times By Officers

Police Release Bodycam Footage After Jayland Walker Was Shot 60 Times By Officers

The 25-year-old was shot and killed following a car chase

Police have released footage of the moment Jayland Walker was shot at least 60 times.

The 25-year-old was killed following a car chase in Akron, Ohio, last week.

In the video, which can be viewed here, officers can be seen chasing Mr Walker on foot after he ditched his car and tried to get away.

After he stops, the group of officers take aim at Mr Walker, with dozens of shots being fired before they are told to stop.

During a press conference, police played several videos, explaining that Mr Walker had fired a gunshot from his vehicle during the pursuit.

Police shot Jayland Walker at least 60 times.
Akron Police

Police also said that when Mr Walker was running away from the officers, he turned around. And it was at that moment that they believed he may still have had a firearm in his possession, and opened fire.

Following the release of the footage, protesters took to the streets, marching on Akron's justice centre and demanding justice.

The president of the NAACP, Derrick Johnson, said it "was murder. Point blank".

Bobby DiCello is the lawyer representing Mr Walker's family, and branded the video as 'brutal'.

"He is just in a down sprint when he is dropped by - I think the count is more than 90 shots," he said.

The 25-year-old was shot following a car chase.
Family handout

"Now how many of those land, according to our investigation right now, we're getting details that suggest 60 to 80 wounds."

Immediately after the shooting, a spokesperson for Akron Police said that it had stemmed from officers attempting to stop Mr Walker for a 'traffic violation' at around 12.30am on Monday, 27 June.

An investigation into the shooting has now been launched.

Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan urged people to remain calm and allow the investigation to take its course.

He said: "I am urging the public to do one of the most difficult things I can ask, and that is to be patient and let the Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigation do their work.

Mr Walker's family are demanding justice over his death.

"It's my commitment to be as open and transparent as we can be, given that there is an ongoing independent investigation. I trust that investigation to be fair, thorough, and just."

Chief Steve Mylett added: "By formally requesting that BCI handle this initial investigation, we are following what I believe to be best practice and which many communities across the country are now doing.

"Utilizing an independent entity to conduct the investigation will be a further step in increasing trust and accountability with our citizens."

Featured Image Credit: CNN/The Akron Police Department

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