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PnB Rock's death may have been caused by Instagram post, LAPD Chief suggests

PnB Rock's death may have been caused by Instagram post, LAPD Chief suggests

The robbery which saw PnB Rock fatally shot may have been facilitated by his girlfriend geo-tagging their location on Instagram.

The robbery which saw PnB Rock fatally shot may have been facilitated by his girlfriend geo-tagging their location on Instagram, according to an LAPD Chief.

On Monday (12 September), American rapper PnB Rock - real name Rakim Hasheem Allen - was fatally shot at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles on Manchester Boulevard, Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old is reported as having been shot 'multiple times' during a robbery which took place not long after his girlfriend geotagged the pair's location in a since-deleted Instagram post.

On Tuesday (13 September), Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore stated the police believe the Instagram post may have led the gunman to the location and that an investigation is subsequently taking place to ascertain this for certain.

American rapper PnB Rock passed away on Monday, 12 September.
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Moore told the Los Angeles Times: "[PnB Rock] was with his family — with his girlfriend or some kind of friend of his — and as they’re there, enjoying a simple meal, [he] was brutally attacked by an individual who apparently [came] to the location after a social media posting."

According to Los Angeles police Officer Norma Eisenman, PnB Rock was 'approached by one suspect' while 'eating at a table' at the restaurant.

The suspect is reported as having pulled out a gun on the rapper, shortly after having 'demanded items' from him.

Officer Eisenman reported that 'some items' were 'removed' from PnB Rock by the assailant after they shot the rapper, with the suspect then quickly fleeing the scene.

The Instagram post which may have alerted the killer to PnB Rock's location.

PnB Rock was administered first aid by a security guard stationed at the eatery, who confirmed the gunman 'took some items' from the rapper, who had 'multiple chains on'.

However, unfortunately, it all 'happened [so] fast' and 'was a blur' that the security guard wasn't able to get a good look at the gunman's face.

It's instead hoped the shooter may be identified through the analysis of security footage from inside the restaurant, according to a law enforcement source.

Other security footage from buildings in the same area is also being looked into to see if the gunman was captured when fleeing the scene in a 'getaway car'.

PnB Rock was fatally shot during a robbery in Los Angeles.
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PnB Rock's passing follows the fatal shooting of fellow rapper Pop Smoke - real name Bashar Barakah Jackson - in 2020.

Pop Smoke was at home when two robbers broke into his property and fired multiple shots at the musician.

Similarly to PnB Rock, authorities believe Pop Smoke's geotagging of his location on social media may have helped the robbers find his home.

However, many online have been quick to point out that PnB Rock's girlfriend shouldn't be being blamed, even if the geotagging on the Instagram post helped the robbers.

"People shouldn’t have to take those precautions in the first place. Put the blame on the real culprits, the people who shot and took his life not the woman who loved him," one user said.

However, another argued: "It’s not a good idea to post your location when you’re with high profile people. Don’t matter if it’s “fair” or not. Don’t matter if they “should be able to” or not. It is what it is. Just don’t don’t do it."

A third resolved: "The problem isn't that black celebrities or their families shouldn't post locations on social media but making those actions free of consequences. The convo should be about community safety and not posting habits. Blk ppl should be able to post locations without losing their life.'

Los Angeles gang interventionist Skipp Townsend reflected on PnB Rock's passing: "I want to see the community heal. There has to be a more comprehensive strategy to make it clear that taking material items like an expensive watch is not worth more than a life.

"This happened while he was actually dining, and that is truly tragic. Arrests don’t stop the violence. Arrests don’t bring closure to families. We need to do a long-term strategy that prevents someone considering such acts."

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence, contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677 

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