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Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s son started an OnlyFans to help pay for Pokémon cards

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s son started an OnlyFans to help pay for Pokémon cards

He turned to the platform to fund his hobbies

To be labelled under 'things you didn't expect people to be doing', Marston Hefner, the son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, is selling OnlyFans content to fund his Pokémon card and comic book habit.

Hugh Hefner is a big name in the publishing industry, having been editor-in-chief and founder of the infamous Playboy magazine

Now, his son Marston has taken up OnlyFans so he can splash out on collectables including Pokémon cards, but his wife isn't exactly over the moon about the move.

He's a big fan of comic books and Pokemon cards.

However, Marston Hefner, 33, who identifies as 'bisexual AF', recently opened up to Page Six about how his relationship with his late father has helped him be so comfortable with his sexuality that being an OnlyFans creator isn't as much of a stretch as you'd think.

“I joined it one because I believe that there’s nothing wrong with nudity or sexuality," he explained.

“I grew up, you know, in an environment where that was kind of hammered home, where there’s nothing wrong with nudity, nudity’s normal.

“I really like comic books, I really like Pokémon cards, I’m a collector… this is like a way for me to get some income so that I can buy that Pokémon card that I really want," he added.

While being coy enough to withhold the exact figure he makes from his sexy content, he claims that a Pokémon Trophy card - which can cost up to six figures - is coming 'before the year's end'.

However, while open-minded Marston is willing to make that money, his wife, Anna, who he married in August 2022, is apparently not such a fan of his little side hustle.

Marston identifies as 'bisexual AF'.

“She’s not crazy about me being on OnlyFans," he revealed.

"She would rather me not be on OnlyFans but what’s more important to her is me pursuing my dreams or my interests — taking risks."

“It is a long-term avenue for further financial security,” he added, noting that he would support her if she chose to launch her own OnlyFans account.

The open-minded pair are supportive of each other's every interest: “If she wanted to do an open relationship, we’ll talk about it. If she wanted to do anything sexual, that’s a conversation that we have no matter what, and we are always having it.

“I think we grew up with parents who, like, maybe the father could stray, or it was more acceptable for the male to do whatever they want. That’s not — I don’t believe in that.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@marston101

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