Piers Morgan Rages About Prospect Of Female Bond In Lengthy Rant

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Piers Morgan has condemned the idea of a female James Bond and has slammed the ‘woke warriors’ in a lengthy rant. 

With the recent Bond project No Time To Die serving as Daniel Craig’s last turn at the lead character, fans have been gossiping about who will take up the role as James Bond next. Many actors have been linked to play the iconic spy, including Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hardy. However, rumours have also been circling about the possibility of the role going to a woman. Which has caused a heated debate online.

With every fan of James Bond having a strong opinion on the topic, it was only a matter of time before the outspoken Piers Morgan chimed in. And as expected he is strongly against the idea of a female Bond and has taken aim at the ‘woke warriors’ in a piece for the Daily Mail.


Morgan begins is argument by stating that all of his favorite film characters are men, including James Bond, Rocky Balboa, Maverick and Michael Corleone. So from the start, if anyone thought he would support a woman in the role, they would be strongly mistaken, as apparently Morgan doesn’t seem to enjoy any female characters in film.

According to Morgan, James Bond ‘epitomises everything a man should strive to be: he’s handsome, intelligent, courageous, tough, eloquent, witty, suave, sophisticated, determined, and ruthless when he needs to be.’

Morgan also seems to imply that a man is not a ‘real’ man unless he wants to be like Bond and a woman is not a ‘real’ woman unless she has ‘yearned to bed him.’


When finally getting around to his argument regarding why there should never be a female Bond, Morgan mentions the comments made by Sir Keir Starmer. When he was once asked who his favourite James Bond actor was, the leader of the UK’s Labour Party answered that he doesn’t have a favourite, but he does ‘think it’s time for a female Bond.’

Morgan is obviously outraged by this, as well as comments made by former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan who echoed the same sentiment. That said, Morgan does support comments made by the likes of Daniel Craig, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and producer Barbara Broccoli, who have all come forward saying they are against the idea of a female Bond.

In conclusion, Morgan says he’s apparently ready to go to war to fight for the gender of Jame Bond:

He’s virtually the last real man standing in a Hollywood neutered by the emasculating cult of illiberal liberal fascists – and I’ll fight until the last drop of my blood to save him from the woke wastrels.

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Daily Mail
  1. Daily Mail

    PIERS MORGAN: James Bond is about the last real man standing in Hollywood and if the woke warriors dare make him a woman I'm going to campaign for Wonder Woman to be a man

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