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People are only just finding out the TikTok voice is a real person

People are only just finding out the TikTok voice is a real person

She even admitted that she is sick of the sound of her own voice

If you're a regular TikTok user, you'll know that countless videos are overlayed with a woman's voice, which users utilise to tell their stories.

While most people have assumed that it's an automated voice on TikTok, it turns out that it shockingly belongs to a real person and she has finally unveiled herself.

Needless to say, the TikTok voice, naturally, made herself known on TikTok, after utilising the function that's made her so famous.

"Finally, I can tell you guys, it is me!" she said.

"The coolest part for me is watching the creativity & awesome content that people are putting out there using my voice," she wrote in the caption, before revealing that this is actually her first TikTok.

The woman then explained in a follow-up video that her name is Kat Callaghan before delving into some users' questions about her job.

Kat's voice is specifically used for the app's popular text-to-speech function, which means that literally millions of people have listened to her before.

She explained that she is typically a 'radio girl in Canada' who does voiceover work and has a podcast, while shutting down accusations that she can't possibly be the person behind the famous voice.

Kat then says in her signature tone: "Yes, I’m the TikTok text-to-speech girl. My name is Kat. I work with TikTok on TTS (text-to-speech) and other projects."

We think she's proved it without question, and she added that it's not something that she'd lie about given her line of work.

Kat's voice is seriously famous.
TikTok / @voiceofkat

Kat then joked that the use of her voice has got so out of hand that she imagines a lot of people are sick of hearing it - including herself.

"I am sick of my voice," she admitted.

The radio host also said that she's seen some of the bizarre things that her voice has been used to say on the platform, revealing: "Sometimes, you guys make me say some pretty horrendous things.

"It's pretty messed up, but I kind of think it's funny."

Reacting to the revelation that the TikTok voice is very much a real person, one user wrote: "i didn't think it was an actual person for some reason [sic]."

"I heard it on the 'no I'm not lying' and my jaw dropped," added a second, while a third remarked: "i believed you queen [sic]."

A fourth imagined: "Imagine her scrolling thru tiktok and just hearing her own voice over and over."

"Dang the things I've made u say," confessed a fifth, to which she replied: "I’ve heard it all."

We are sure she has.

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Featured Image Credit: @voiceofkat / TikTok

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