People In America Are Getting Vaccinated In Secret To Avoid Backlash From Their Loved Ones

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People In America Are Getting Vaccinated In Secret To Avoid Backlash From Their Loved OnesPA

Missouri only has 41% of its population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and it seems peer pressure is having an impact on the uptake. 

COVID-19 has changed the lives of many people and led to over four million deaths globally. Despite the shocking statistics that outline the danger of the virus, some are still not convinced they should receive a vaccine against it.


Whether it’s because of fear of what’s in the vaccine or a larger conspiracy theory, the uptake of vaccines have not been embraced by residents of Missouri. In a hospital video, Dr Priscilla Frase, a hospitalist and chief medical information officer at Ozarks Healthcare in West Plains, Missouri, has revealed some residents are resorting to getting vaccinated in secret.

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Speaking to CNN, Frase discussed the impact friends and family are having on those who have decided they want a vaccine:

They did their own research on it, and they talked to people and made the decisions themselves.

But even though they were able to make that decision themselves, they didn’t want to have to deal with the peer pressure or the outbursts from other people about them … ‘giving in to everything.’


While many would encourage people to do what they think is right and ignore peer pressure, it is evidently impacting efforts to get vaccinated. In an Ozarks Healthcare video, Frase explains ‘they’ve had several people come in to get vaccinated who have tried to sort of disguise their appearance and even went so far as to say, ‘please, please, please don’t let anybody know that I got this vaccine.”

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The account put forward by Frase is reflective of general concerns about the vaccination programme, which has led to calls for people to be paid to have the jabs.

Looking forward, Frase stated that they would respect people’s wishes for private inoculations that could be done while patients are in their cars:


Anything we can do to get people in a place that they’re comfortable receiving the vaccine. It’s not a large number, but every single person that we can reach who wants to get vaccinated and we can provide that for them, that’s a win. And we take every win that we can get.

The COVID-19 vaccinations are not 100% effective in preventing people from catching the virus, but they are key in stopping severe cases. As a result, it is hoped mass inoculations can stop growing fatalities.

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    Some people in Missouri are getting vaccinated in secret to avoid backlash from loved ones, doctor says

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