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Pastor confessed to killing a father after pretending to help search for him

Pastor confessed to killing a father after pretending to help search for him

A pastor who helped search for a missing father walked into a police station and confessed to killing him.

A man who pretended to help search for a father who went missing in 2019 walked into a police station three years later and confessed to killing him.

Roger Loyd Taylor of Sulligent, Alabama, went missing on 10 March 2019 while driving to visit his daughter in Mississippi.

During the night he called her to say his car was stuck, and after that nobody knew where he'd gone.

Taylor had been a missing person ever since then; two days after his disappearance his car was discovered abandoned, and a body was never found.

For more than three years Taylor's fate has remained a mystery, until last week when pastor James Eric Crisp walked into Monroe County Sheriff's Office and confessed to killing the man.

God's House of Hope / Facebook
God's House of Hope / Facebook

Explaining the situation in a statement posted to Facebook, Monroe County Sheriff's Office recounted that Crisp had walked in on 30 August and confessed to killing Taylor and disposing of his body.

They were clear that despite the apparent confession to the killing of Roger Loyd Taylor the investigation into his death is still ongoing and they will take Crisp's confession as evidence.

They said: "We are glad for Mr. Crisp to get this off his chest so that he might be able to continue to do ministry wherever the Lord has planned for him, but this does not close the case for us.

"Investigators for MCSO will look at this new evidence and determine if there should be any other charges or new suspects."

According to the statement, Crisp had found religion since killing Taylor and confessed to his crime in order to 're-gain his spiritual freedom'.

They said he was co-operating with investigators as they made another attempt to track down Taylor's remains and finally recover the victim's body.

Roger's daughter BreAnn knew Crisp as he had helped search for her father, all the while knowing he was dead. However, she isn't convinced about Crisp's apparent repentance and reformation.

She told The Independent he 'helped me look for my dad' and she treated him 'like he was a member of my family', while he would tell her whoever had killed her father 'deserved more than just prison' and 'deserve to die themselves'.

After Taylor's death, Crisp was arrested for drug offences and faced up to 30 years behind bars before becoming a pastor at treatment program God's House of Hope.

BreAnn said she visited Crisp after he made his confession and claimed she saw no remorse in him, saying that all he would say to her was 'yes, amen'.

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Featured Image Credit: God’s House of Hope/Facebook/Monroe County Sheriff

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