Owners Who Removed Dog’s Eyes To Treat Infection Give Up Pet Now It’s Blind


Owners Who Removed Dog's Eyes To Treat Infection Give Up Pet Now It's BlindHWAC/Twitter

A three-year-old dog is on the hunt for his forever home after his owners refused to take care of him when he went blind. 

Labrador/German Shepherd mix Louis was living with his family in California when he developed an eye infection, however the owners failed to seek treatment until it was too late. Rather than forking out to treat the infection, the owners opted to remove both of Louis’ eyes, leaving him permanently blind.


Upon returning home from hospital, the lovely dog attempted to adapt to a life without sight, but his owners did little to help him and Louis ended up being struck by a car. He survived with a broken leg, but his owners again failed to seek the appropriate treatment and his leg healed improperly.

Struggling to take care of their pet, the owners gave Louis to a dog pound in Calexico where he thankfully received urgent surgery to repair his leg. Louis was then taken to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, where he arrived ‘shy and exhausted’.

In a statement cited by People, the centre’s director, Hella Tyla, stressed the importance of knowing the obligations that come with caring for a pet.


She commented:

When people get their pets for free off of Craigslist, they don’t seem to realise that pets come with responsibilities and a monthly expense for their caretaking, including medical care.

In turn, these pets will provide their owners with unparalleled love. They pay it back tenfold. It’s just devastating to see an animal treated the way Louis was treated.

Louis the dogHelen Woodward Animal Shelter/Facebook

The pooch quickly settled in at a foster home, where he enjoys sunbathing, hanging out with other dogs and being showered with attention. Despite his lack of sight, he learned how to navigate his new surroundings with ease.


The animal centre is now striving to find Louis the perfect forever home, which will ideally be one-storey with an owner who works from home. As he’s adjusting to both his blindness and a limp from his leg injury, the pup is looking for a family who is ‘prepared to provide patience and special care’ as he ‘learns his way around a new home’.

Tyler spoke highly of Louis’ behaviour, describing him as an ‘extraordinary’ dog who ‘shows no malice towards humankind’ in spite of suffering at the hands of his former owners.

Louis the dogHelen Woodward Animal Shelter/Facebook

She added, ‘He is ready to love the perfect family and he certainly deserves one.’


The dog will be available for adoption starting tomorrow, January 13, and as a thanks for giving him a second chance the animal shelter is offering his new family a free training session, dog food and treats.

To learn more about the adoption process, visit Helen Woodward Animal Center’s website here.

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    Owners Who Chose to Remove Dog's Eyes Over Treating Infection, Give Up Blind Pet After Surgery

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