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Deadly outbreak of listeria linked to deli meat and cheese

Deadly outbreak of listeria linked to deli meat and cheese

A serious outbreak of listeria has been connected to certain deli produce

A deadly outbreak of listeria that has broken out across the United States of America is being linked to deli meat and cheese.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been able to trace back the deadly outbreak to products commonly sold in delis.

The CDC publicly announced on Wednesday (November 9) that the deadly outbreak had spanned six whole states.

The statement outlines that 16 people have since been infected with the listeria bacteria - 13 of which have been hospitalised due to their symptoms, including one Maryland resident who has since died.

The statement continues: "One person got sick during their pregnancy, resulting in pregnancy loss."

The CDC explained that 'the true number' of affected people is 'likely higher' than the number reported, adding: "The outbreak may not be limited to the states with known illnesses."

According to the investigation details, out of the 16 reported infected people, seven were reported in New York, with three cases in Maryland, two Massachusetts, two in Illinois, one in New Jersey and one in California.

The report states that the 'sick people range in age from 38 to 92 years, with a median age of 74'.

It goes on to reveal that '62% are male' and 'of 13 people with ethnicity information available, 11 are of Eastern European background or speak Russian'.

The CDC are still investigating the reason behind why the outbreak is disproportionately affecting one group of the general population.

The CDC has been able to trace the deadly outbreak to deli meat and cheese.

The agency have also explained that state and local public health officials are continuing their research through an interview process with the affected individuals.

The report stated: "Of the 12 people interviewed, 11 reported eating meat or cheese from deli counters. Among seven sick people in New York, five bought sliced deli meat or cheese from at least one location of NetCost Market, a grocery store chain that sells international foods.

Sick people from other states purchased deli meats or cheeses from other delis."

However, the CDC have noted that they do not think that NetCost Market are the only source of the illness, due to other infected people not shopping there and still becoming sick.

They also added that the market closed temporarily after being notified by officials and reopened after further testing showed no sign of the disease.

One Maryland resident has since died due to listeria infection.

"A contaminated food likely introduced the outbreak strain of Listeria into delis in multiple states," the agency reports.

Listeria is a rare bacteria that can cause Listeria disease, or Listeriosis, with typical symptoms including headaches, fever and muscle pain.

According to the CDC, it is also the third leading cause of death from food poisoning in the United States.

The bacteria is also incredibly harmful to pregnant people carrying developing fetuses.

It is considerably more dangerous to those over the age of 65, alongside individuals with a weakened or compromised immune system.

“Call your healthcare provider right away if you have any symptoms of severe Listeria illness after eating meat or cheese from a deli,” the CDC urged.

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