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Brave rescue dog dies while searching for survivors in deadly Turkey earthquake rubble

Brave rescue dog dies while searching for survivors in deadly Turkey earthquake rubble

Proteo the German Shepherd died a hero after he was caught in a landslide while rescuing earthquake victims in Turkey.

One of Mexico's famed search and rescue dogs has died while trying to save lives in the wake of last week's (February 6) 7.8 magnitude quake in Turkey.

Proteo the German Shepherd arrived in Turkey hours after the twin quakes hit as one of 16 specialist squad dogs dispatched to help rescue those trapped under the rubble in the wake of the massive quake.

But the team will return to Mexico one dog short.

The Mexican Government did not confirm how Proteo died, however reports from the ground indicate Proteo passed away while trying to save two people under the rubble when a landslide struck.

The Mexican search and rescue teams have held a memorial service for Proteo in Turkey to give thanks to the four legged hero who lost his life trying to save those in need.

The Mexican Ministry of Defence said in a statement released on February 12: "Thank you Proteo for your heroic work, you fulfilled the Mexican Army's mission."

"The members of the Mexican Army and Air Force deeply regret the loss of our great companion, the dog 'Proteo'. You fulfilled your mission as a member of the Mexican Delegation in the search and rescue of our brothers in Turkey."

The statement concluded: "We are proud of you."

One of the soldiers taking part in the rescue operations in Turkey said, as per the Daily Mail: "I want to tell you that I am proud of you, because you have always been a strong dog, a dog worker who never gave up."

Last week a plane carrying 16 specialist rescue dogs took off from Mexico City, according to the BBC, with many of the four-legged heroes already clad in their iconic goggles and booties, according to Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard.

"The heart of our rescue team is currently flying to Turkey," Ebrard said, as per CNN.

Also on board the flight were search and rescue experts from the Mexican army, members of the Mexican navy, and 'five foreign ministry officials and 15 members of the Red Cross' a government press release stated.

The crack team of canines are renowned in Mexico for their incredible abilities when disaster strikes, with the Central American nation prone to earthquakes just like Turkey and Syria.

The darling doggos captured the hearts of Mexicans after the nation's quake, when they saved the lives of dozens of people trapped under crumbled remains of buildings.

The death toll for last Monday's monster 7.8 magnitude earthquake and aftershock has now killed more than 37,000 people across Turkey and Syria, Reuters reports.

Featured Image Credit: Marcelo Ebrard C/Twitter.

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