Notorious Anti-Vaxxer Piers Corbyn Exposed In Shocking YouTube Prank

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Notorious Anti-Vaxxer Piers Corbyn Exposed In Shocking YouTube PrankJosh Pieters & Archie Manners/YouTube/PA

Known anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn has been exposed following a prank from YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners.

The brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn is arguably the UK’s most infamous antivaxxer. He has repeatedly spread harmful misinformation and conspiracy theories about coronavirus vaccines, claiming that all jabs are dangerous.

Now Pieters and Manners, who have previously pranked right-wing media personality Katy Hopkins, have exposed Corbyn simply by using £10,000 worth of Monopoly money.

Check it out below:

Putting his morality to the test, Pieters and Manners offered Corbyn a ‘dodgy donation of £10,000’, after convincing him that they were rich individuals with financial interests in AstraZeneca.

The pair promised that Corbyn could have the cash if he left AstraZeneca well alone, focusing his attentions instead on Pfizer and Moderna.

Starting by using their ‘brilliant PR firm Geld and Yapp’, the YouTuber pranksters sent Corbyn an email professing to be from the representatives of a very rich and powerful individual with connections to a vaccine company.

Having been led to believe this wealthy person wanted to make a donation to his campaign, Corbyn appeared ‘delighted’ to meet up, and so they arranged a meeting in London’s Sloane square.

After ordering Corbyn a pizza, Pieters began setting out a deal, claiming that his father owns a ‘very successful restaurant chain in South Africa’, and that he has now taken over as director.

Detailing some of the investments he presides over, Pieters continued:

One of our main interests, funnily enough, is we have share holds in the AstraZeneca vaccine. Can you believe that? It’s not from a personal standpoint, it’s more of a case that it’s good business.

Corbyn could be seen laughing away and didn’t seem in anyway perturbed that he was enjoying lunch with people who professed to earn a fortune from a product he is so ardently and publicly against.

Pieters then moved the conversation on to how they could help with his campaign, noting, ‘that’s obviously going to help us, we’ve got shared interests’. Then they revealed they had brought a ‘little something’ along, as a means of showing their intention.

After seeing the £10,000 for himself, it wasn’t long before Corbyn was tempted, describing the cash offering as ‘brilliant’ and ‘astounding’. Little did he know that they had switched around their real money for an envelope stuffed with Monopoly money.

He went on to agree to the donation without too much persuasion, telling the pair:

Well, as long as I can accept it with no insistence on policy changes or anything that I’m doing.

However, when nudged to make a few changes at his end, Corbyn began writing down benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine, a jab that he had previously campaigned against.

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Josh Pieters & Archie MannersYouTube
  1. Josh Pieters & Archie MannersYouTube

    We Exposed the UK's Leading Anti-Vaxxer

Julia Banim
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